Survivor: One World: Jonas Talks Tarzan, “He’s just a volatile guy”

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Jonas Otsuji on Survivor: One World

This week on Survivor: One World, Jonas Otsuji saw his tribal time come to an end when he found himself caught between new alliances and tribe mate Tarzan.

Only a week after Colton Cumbie left Survivor: One World due to a case of acute appendicitis, Jonas Otsuji found himself dealing not only with his new tribe but his former Manono tribe mate Tarzan. When Tarzan talked to Mark about a new alliance without consulting Jonas first, the miscue set the stage for a heated showdown.

After squaring off with Jonas, Tarzan took himself out of the Survivor alliance and tried to play the game for himself. Throughout the latest episode of Survivor: One World, Jonas was at a distinct disadvantage with both the men and women.

So, why did Jonas out his alliance’s strategy at Tribal before he left?

“We didn’t have the numbers, so it didn’t matter. At that point, I just wanted to show just how cruel this Tarzan really was.”

Although Jonas clashed with Tarzan, it wasn’t long before Jonas learned that he was a target to be voted out of Survivor: One World.

As a result, Jonas knew he had to do something to save his position in the newly merged tribe. Given how people were scrambling to find a target, it was fight for Survivor life or simply flight.

As strategic fate would have it, Jonas approached Tarzan to apologize and gain back trust in his alliance.

However, at Tribal Council, Tarzan was quick to throw Jonas under the bus.

Despite making up with Tarzan to keep a strong alliance, how sincere was Jonas in his apology?

“No, that whole thing was sincere. He’s just a volatile guy, I guess.”

Although both the men and women of Survivor: One World merged into one tribe last week when Colton Cumbie left the game, Colton’s departure did have an impact on the tribe post merge.

And when Colton didn’t give Alicia immunity before he was taken to hospital with appendicitis, it was a scramble to form new One World alliances.

Just how much did Colton impact the Survivor dynamics?

For Jonas, had Colton remained in the Survivor game, things likely would have been different.

“I think it would have gone a lot further had Colton stayed in, because Colton was such a feared player at that point because he had the idol and he had relationships on both sides. So the next to go would have been Alicia, which would have changed the whole game and I would have made it way farther.”

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