The Biggest Loser: Megan Stone Explains Elimination and Goals

7 years ago by Diana Daley

Megan Stone on The Biggest Loser

This week on The Biggest Loser, Megan Stone was eliminated from competition only one week after her mother Kimmy left ranch in favor of her daughter’s health.

Although Megan had to say goodbye to her ranch mates on The Biggest Loser, Stone was pushed beyond her comfort zone this past week by trainer Bob Harper, who saw that Megan needed to stand on her own two feet after her mother’s exit. After a strong push this week on The Biggest Loser, which included a bike ride up a mountain outside Los Angeles, Megan lost 4 pounds for her efforts. Based on the other numbers during this week’s weigh-in, Megan fell below the yellow line with team mate Mark who lost no weight this week and looked to be a shoe-in to go home. After all, at 200 pounds, Mark obviously hit a wall after transforming his life on the show. Megan, however, still had more room to lose weight on The Biggest Loser.

So, how does Megan Stone feel about Mark not being eliminated from The Biggest Loser when he didn’t lose any weight this week? When The Deadbolt spoke with Megan after her elimination, there was a certain understanding of how the votes went down this week.

“I am completely bummed that I got sent home. But at that point, if every single vote was based on how you did that week, there’s a week that I only lost 2 pounds. So I would say that it was a judgement call based on overall performance and not just the weigh-in. Because if Mark only lost 2 pounds, that doesn’t mean that he should be sent home, although I’d rather it be him than me.”

Interestingly, Megan did tell The Deadbolt that the votes were not leaning toward a popularity contest rather than a reward for hard work.

But now that Megan has lost weight and transformed her life after being on The Biggest Loser, her battle between self image and weight loss has gotten easier. Although Megan had to leave the ranch, a new chapter in her life has just started.

So, what plan does Megan have in place to maintain the necessary changes in her life and a positive self image post Biggest Loser?

For Megan, it’s all about how the two are interconnected and function in concert with each other to allow change to take place.

“My battle with weight loss is definitely an uphill battle, that’s for sure. But I’m successful at it. I’m just really keeping my head in the game and keeping my eye on the prize and what I want out of all of this. Those battles kind of go hand-in-hand. With my self image, the more weight that I lose, the better I feel. And the more healthy I am, the more self confidence I have and the better I feel about myself as a person.”

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Diana Daley joined The Deadbolt in 2010 as a feature contributor and interviewer. She currently covers The Biggest Loser on NBC and conducts the weekly exit interviews leading up to the finale.
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