One Tree Hill Recap: Reflective Heart Ahead of Finale

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

This week’s episode of One Tree Hill called “Anyone Who Had a Heart” was the perfect set up for next week’s two-hour series finale on The CW. After nine years of cast changes, broken and healed relationships on the popular CW series, things have finally started to look up for the residents of Tree Hill. And what better way to find closure than with a little combustible therapy?

On One Tree Hill, “Anyone Who Had a Heart” centered around the Tree Hill tradition of the Burning Boat Festival, as everyone in town had something they wanted to make peace with. Milli and Mouth confronted the hurdles of their rocky romance while searching for a new co-host for Milli’s daytime talk show. Kylie landed the role after flirting with the station manager and then had a hilarious meltdown on air, which could only be summed up in one word, “Wanker.”

Meanwhile on One Tree Hill this week, Brooke got the shock of her life when she walked in on her mother post coitus. Brooke then got an even bigger surprise when she discovered that the mystery man was her father. I guess Victoria’s Secret is no more. To add another shock to her already fragile state of mind, Brooke finally confronted her troubled past and the relationships with her parents. Brooke finally got the chance to let go of who she was as a young teen before burning her diary on a boat along with everyone else’s regrets.

As “Anyone Who Had a Heart” continued, Quinn, Clay, and Logan interacted as the family that Clay had always wanted. Although little Logan may be the second cutest kid on television, Pierce Gagnon was so believable as the confused boy who used the ocean’s tide to expose his fears and insecurity.

One of the best moments of this week’s One Tree Hill came when Mouth met Skills, Junk, and Fergie at the river court. It felt like Season 1 of OTH all over again, as Mouth  went back into broadcaster mode for the play-by-play he was known for back in the day when Lucas was still part of the river court crew. If only he had been there this week.

Like every year on One Tree Hill, episodes like “Anyone Who Had a Heart” reinforce a certain faith in people as a whole, from Clay’s surprise proposal for Quinn and Haley giving Chase the opportunity to buy Trick from Karen. How cute was that Green Lantern ring?

With One Tree Hill almost gone, “Anyone Who Had a Heart” was the perfect set up for the series finale. It was an homage to fans. The episode was reflective of all the highs and lows that make One Tree Hill so magical. It’s not the flashy cars, expensive clothes, or exotic sets that matter. One Tree Hill was and always will be a show known for great writing and rich characters. It’s already hard to say good-bye.

The two-hour series finale airs on Wednesday, April 4 on The CW.

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