The Vampire Diaries Recap: The Murder One

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries called “The Murder One” brought the battle between the Originals and the Salvatore brothers to a head as revenge was on the minds of everyone. As a result, Klaus and Rebekah got the shock of their undead lives.

After The Originals discovered there was still one last white oak tree in Mystic Falls, they set out to destroy Wickery Bridge. Too bad Stefan and the guys arrived first for a DIY stake whittling day as Elena turned up to bring Aleric some much needed food. Like always on The Vampire Diaries, Stefan did all he could hold back the truth of what was going on inside his house by distracting Elena with those soulful eyes.

This week on The Vampire Diaries, the plan to finally get rid of The Originals hit a snag when Aleric decided to turn himself in to the police. However, the Salvatore brothers intervened and did their best to explain why they needed Aleric’s vampire hunting skills for their execution plan of The Originals. Manipulation and guilt-trips aside, Aleric and Caroline met to discuss some of their problems before Aleric apologized for killing her father. It’s hard to believe that Caroline was ever turned into a vampire because of her forgiving nature. But in true Caroline fashion, she forgave Aleric.

As for big brother Klaus, he managed to get Finn to do his bidding upon the surprise return of Sage, who shared a tender moment with Finn in their reunion. Of course, Klaus’s plot of revenge couldn’t have gone anywhere had he not blackmailed Bonnie into performing a spell for him. Afterward, Bonnie left Klaus with the chance to save Damon from Rebekah’s clutches. But the opportunity came with the reminder that it was Damon who killed and turned her mother. Once outside, Bonnie finally crumbled under the pressure. Who else was surprised that it took this long for Bonnie to finally break down? The poor girl just can’t catch a break.

Not to be outdone, Rebekah got revenge on Damon by trying to bleed him dry. Somehow Elena found Damon and let him drink from her wrist. Brave? Sure. Stupid? Yes. But wait, it was just a dream. Still, Damon reverted to typical jerk behavior after realizing he spurned Rebecca much worse than he had originally thought.

The Vampire DiariesAs The Vampire Diaries continued, Matt stabbed Finn and Sage was truly torn as her one true love expired for good. Soon she and Troy met the same fate because of the vampire lineage rules and one branch of The Originals was finally put to rest. One down, with only thousands left to go.

As “The Murder One” evolved, a tense stand-off ensued between Klaus and Stefan for Damon’s release. Rebekah finally saw through the unyielding anger inside Klaus before yet another twist by calling it quits within him. Of course, Rebekah then entertained the thought of staying in Mystic Falls without the angry K.

It was a very busy episode this week on The Vampire Diaries, with each character either embroiled in self-discovery of their bloodlines or the set-up for “Heart of Darkness,” the next episode on April 19. Will Klaus continue his attempts for Stefan to do his bidding? Will the missing white oak stake turn up? And where does this leave Rebekah? Hopefully, after Stefan dropped a love revelation on Elena, viewers will once again be treated to the Salvatore brothers love triangle 2.0.

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