Make It or Break It Cast Gymnastics with Ayla Kell

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Now that Make It or Break It has returned to the ABC Family airwaves for Season 3, actress Ayla Kell is back in the gymnastics fold as Payson Keeler.

Although Ayla Kell has been a series regular on Make it Or Break It as Payson, fans will see a new dynamic on Team USA this season ahead of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games in the form of actress Chelsea Tavares in the recurring role of Jordan Randall.

In the new season of Make It or Break It, Jordan Randall is the newest gymnast who wants nothing more than to secure her spot on Team USA and get the gold medal. In the recently released trailers for season 3, fans got a chance to see just how determined Jordan is and the stress it puts on Payson, Kaylie, Lauren, and the rest of the team.

When The Deadbolt recently spoke with Ayla Kell, the Make It or Break It star filled us in on the new dynamic that Jordan brings to the team, both good and bad.

“You have this kind of battle throughout the season of whether she [Jordan] is competition or is she a teammate. So it’s a bit of a struggle so we start to finally figure out what it finally takes to win, what it takes to be a team, and what it takes to be in this sport.”

With the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games only a few months away, we wanted to know how Ayla Kell and her cast mates found inspiration from watching other gymnasts on the road to the international stage. Interestingly, Ayla Kell recently got to see first-hand, one of the qualifying events for the official Team USA.

On Make It Or Break It, Team USA is hungry for the gold following Payson’s leg injury. As it turned out, Payson landed her second vault on one leg, an incredible feat that helped the team into a second place finish.

But with Chelsea Tavares tapped for the new season, it was a victory for the show.

So, how does Ayla Kell feel about Chelsea Tavares and what she brought not only to her character but to Make It or Break It overall?

“I think she added a great level of realness to the season. She’s just gorgeous. But she’s also just a talented actress and she has so many wonderful scenes. They did so much with her character this year and I think that it will really play into a real thing because it’s been so prevalent in the news.”

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