Celebrity Apprentice: Debbie Gibson Addresses Teresa’s Set Up Claims

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Debbie Gibson on Celebrity Apprentice

Singer Debbie Gibson was fired from Celebrity Apprentice this week after being brought back into the boardroom by Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice.

Although Debbie Gibson turned out to be one of the stronger women of Team Forte this season on Celebrity Apprentice, Gibson found herself caught between a celebrity guide book to New York City and project manager Teresa Giudice.

For most of the Celebrity Apprentice season, Debbie Gibson formed a tight bond with team leaders Aubrey O’Day and comedian Lisa Lampanelli. This past week, however, the teams were shaken up by Donald Trump and Gibson saw both Aubrey and Lisa head to the opposite side.

As a result, Debbie was forced to work with project manager Teresa Giudice who wasn’t too fond of Gibson given her bond with Aubrey and Lisa. At one point in this week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Teresa believed that Debbie was out to  set her up for failure in the task.

When The Deadbolt caught up with Debbie Gibson on Tuesday, the former pop star reflected on Teresa’s set up claims and what happened during their work on the celebrity guide book.

“This is what blows my mind. Lisa and I were in the war room most of the day, putting the book together. Teresa never delegated anything to do with the visuals for the kiosk for where we were selling the book. She never delegated it. It wasn’t my job to wonder who she delegated that to.”

Although much of this week’s drama on Celebrity Apprentice centered around Aubrey O’Day, who went head-to-head with Arsenio Hall in a boardroom battle royale, the tension between Debbie and Teresa boiled over when the men created a more appealing guide book.

During the day, when both teams worked on their projects, it appeared that Teresa didn’t have a clear handle on her team. Whether it was skillfull editing or real drama, tension between Debbie and Teresa reached a boiling point in the boardroom.

So, how did Debbie Gibson feel about a lack of delegation and what Teresa Giudice had to say in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom this week?

“I’m the one who actually thought about that at some point later in the day and that translated to I was setting her up. If I was setting her up, I wouldn’t have brought it up at all and we would’ve shown up and had an undecorated kiosk. So, I don’t really get that.”

Still, after heated boardroom banter between Gibson and Giudice, Debbie was fired from Celebrity Apprentice for not bringing in enough money. Interestingly, it was Aubrey who brought in the least amount of money for her team but was saved by Teresa.

Had Teresa brought Aubrey into the boardroom instead, Debbie Gibson wouldn’t have been fired.

For the record, Debbie did say that she has reached out to Teresa since being fired to support Giudice’s charity.

Now that her run on Celebrity Apprentice is over, why does Debbie Gibson think that Teresa had it out for her?

“I don’t really get it. I just think she wanted me gone. Maybe she was threatened at that point because I was a strong player. I don’t really know what her deal was.”

What do you think?

Reg Seeton

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  • Appr_Fan

    Your recap is incorrect.  It was still the all girls team when Debbie got fired.  It was after he fired her that he mixed up the teams

  • Lhadu

    Yeah, Debbie totally didn’t deserve to go. Teresa is a worse player than her!

  • Nataliya M916

    Debbie give it up. The reason why Teresa wanted you gone is cause you tried to take credit for Teresa idea but to bad they didn’t show it.

  • Teresa is a moron

  • Harrowgate

    You should of been fired.  I dont think Teresa is going to make it but the plot is going along nicely.  LIsa should be next and I hope Aubrey returns.

  • Lilmutt18102

    Debbie is gross. She dresses like a hooch and is still trying to promote Electric Youth – The thing she is farthest from. Yuck.