Gossip Girl Recap: “It Girl Interrupted”

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Elizabeth Hurley as Diana Payne in Gossip Girl

In the latest episode of Gossip Girl called “It Girl Interrupted,” the Upper East Side’s inner circle got a few unwelcome surprises when the scheming Diana returned and Dan inadvertently spilled the beans about Blair’s dowry to his girlfriend. As the rivalry between Ivy and Lily continued, Rufus acted as the reluctant mediator while Serena once again showed her meddlesome side.

Also in “It Girl Interrupted,” Nate’s plans for his newspaper, The Spectator, were put into serious jeopardy after Diana (guest star Elizabeth Hurley) used her devious charm to unsettle the young Archibald’s relationship with Lola. Too bad the cops almost put the kibosh on Diana’s plans after she nearly went to jail for having sex with a minor.

And for any Gossip Girl fans who thought that Serena van der Woodson was somewhat nice, Serena saw nothing wrong with meddling in Lola’s personal life after screwing Blair over multiple times. Sure Diana may have been a threat to Nate’s professional career as Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, but thanks to Serena, Ivy began to second guess just how well she knew Nate in the first place. Once Serena succeeded in turning Lola into an unwilling “It” girl in NYC, Serena took it back just as easily.

As for the Blair and Chuck shippers, it was a disappointing episode of Gossip Girl. Chuck turned up at Blair’s house to talk about his mother only to be unceremoniously kicked out by the former love of his life. The reason that Blair refused to sign divorce papers was because she didn’t want to lose her status as a princess (a little shallow but this is Blair after all), which Dan more than made up for on a romantic date to MET.

Still, as the Gossip Girl drama continued this week, Blair learned the truth about Chuck’s decision to pay her dowry to help finalize her divorce. As a result, Blair refused to help Chuck find his mother. Not the reaction anyone could have predicted and certainly uncalled for on Blair’s part.

“It Girl Interrupted” was another tumultuous episode of Gossip Girl where nothing got resolved as more questions were raised. What did you think GG fans? Has Blair just plain lost it?

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