Glee Recap: Quinn Returns in “Big Brother”

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

In this week’s episode of Glee called “Big Brother”, Gleeks found out the fate of Quinn after her horrific car accident that ended the winter finale. At the same time, Matt Bomer of White Collar made a guest appearance as the episode title character.

After all of the hardships that Quinn has endured over the past three seasons, it was amazing that she returned to William Mckinley High School with a big smile on her face despite her arrival in a wheelchair. With help from Artie, Quinn learned how to cope with the challenges of her new state, which included the steepest wheelchair ramp at school.

After Artie and Quinn spent Senior Ditch Day at the skate park, Artie finally confronted Quinn about the possibility of never regaining her ability to walk. Stubborn and determined as ever, Quinn refused to acknowledge that her temporary state as a paraplegic could become permanent after promising the Glee club she would dance on stage with them at Nationals in Chicago. Wishful thinking aside for Quinn, Artie’s point clearly struck a nerve as Quinn finally began to admit – even if only to herself – that her road to Yale could potentially come with a wheelchair, for the rest of her life.

In comedic relief, White Collar’s Matt Bomer guest starred as Blaine’s semi-famous commercial actor brother, Cooper. With the entire Glee club captivated by his hilarious acting skills, Cooper offered to teach the Glee club all about acting. However, not before planting a kiss on one very surprised Sue Sylvester. (Just imagine that I’m yelling the words in this recap and pointing fiercely.)

To Rachel’s horror, Cooper adamantly stated that Broadway was over and Hollywood was the only place to be. Blaine, no longer able to control his disdain for his brother’s attitude, burst into song with a rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Stronger”. It was a good song choice since Cooper got the point that Blaine needed to step out of his brother’s shadow. But it wasn’t before someone could tell Blaine to stop making those pained facial expressions when singing. Seriously, he needs to stop.

As for Rachel and Finn this week on Glee, their relationship hit a major roadblock. Although Gleeks saw the postponement of their nuptials, Finn realized that their relationship was no longer what he had wanted in the first place.

During an argument with Rachel at school, Finn finally defended himself with the strongest point he’s ever made on the show, that Rachel could actually be in love with the idea of who she wanted him to be. After talking with Puck, Finn realized that his potential lies beyond being Mr. Rachel Berry. It was the wake up call he surely needed.

Overall, “Big Brother” was a good return for Glee. Quinn’s post-accident injuries were handled well, but it did seem a little unrealistic that the shock of the accident didn’t cause Quinn more grief. Perhaps it’s something the writers will address in later episodes.

What will become of Finchel? And what will the final reveal be behind Sue’s visit to the doctor? We’ll just have to watch and see.

What did you guys think about Glee and “Big Brother”?

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