The Amazing Race: Undercover Elimination with Nary and Jamie

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

This week on The Amazing Race, federal agent friends Nary Ebeid and Jamie Graetz saw their time on the CBS reality series come to an end in Africa.

Although Nary and Jamie caught a break last week on The Amazing Race when they were saved by a non-elimination leg, the two federal agents couldn’t make up time this week despite catching up to Vanessa and Ralph in the final few minutes.

One of the strongest teams of the season, Nary and Jamie ran The Amazing Race under the cover of school teachers without letting anyone know what they really did for a living. However, as fans saw two weeks ago, their Amazing Race cover was almost blown by border patrol agents Art and J.J. who guessed that Nary and Jamie were law enforcement and not teachers as they claimed. Despite attempts by Art and J.J. to get Nary and Jamie to come clean, the girls wouldn’t give up their alias strategy.

Following their elimination from The Amazing Race, The Deadbolt caught up with Nary and Jamie to learn more about the final leg, what went wrong, their teacher strategy, and a funny encounter with a buffalo that Amazing Race fans didn’t see on TV.

THE DEADBOLT: So, how did it feel to go out on such a beautiful leg?

JAMIE GRAETZ: Well, I just feel like if there was a time to go, we picked it right because we got to spend a little more time there [in Africa]. What a beautiful, unbelievable place to be. It was really quite an experience.

THE DEADBOLT: What happened between the art display and the finish line?

NARY EBEID: The main thing was that we had to play catch up for the whole episode. It was very difficult to be two hours behind. Team number one was about to hit the Pit Stop and we’re just taking off. So that was difficult. We were just playing catch up all day and the Double U-Turns did help us.

But when we came across Ralph and Vanessa where our Speed Bump was, we were excited. At the same time, we were like, “Oh, no! We have to do our Speed Bump and now they’re going to get ahead of us.” So we knew they were our last hope. Completing that Speed Bump is what really did us in. We had to do it and there was no getting around it.

THE DEADBOLT: Did you have a strategy for the Double U-turn if you got the chance to use it?

JAMIE: I don’t even remember if we talked about it. Our intentions were never to U-Turn anybody unless we really had to. We discussed that with Mark and Bopper and Brendon and Rachel. We would have helped tham out as well if the U-Turn would have helped them. But we knew the U-Turn was coming and we knew that we were already two hours behind the pack, so it was pretty likely that we wouldn’t be the ones U-Turning anybody.

THE DEADBOLT: How do you both feel the teacher strategy helped you in the long run?

NARY: It was a strategy we came up with well before going on the show. But one of the main reasons we came up with it was for U-Turning. The U-Turn came at a point where it didn’t really matter anymore. I’m not sure if the strategy worked in any way, but that’s why we came up with it, was for U-Turning. I don’t know if I would say that we got anything out of it or didn’t get anything out of it, but it was fun. It was fun to play undercover for the last time.

THE DEADBOLT: What did you think after Art and J.J. confronted you about it?

JAMIE: Art and J.J. were involved in the whole scuffle that was going in the airport, which is pretty embarassing. I was quite surprised that these guys in their mid-40s that were well-supervised individuals at their department would lower themselves and jump into a stupid high-school bickering session. And then to go further than that, that they would then bring it our way.

Nary and I had made a conscious decision, because we knew they were going to try to come over. They were starting to ruffle their feathers and starting to say, “Hey, Nary and Jamie, come over here.” So we knew it didn’t matter what we said. But there was no way we were going to tell them what we really did. We just figured that we’ll let them guess since they weren’t our friends.

Had they approached us in a more decent manner that was more sincere, we probably would have told them, because it wasn’t that big of a deal at that point. I didn’t care for them. And at that point I probably could have told them that it was any other profession, I just wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of knowing.

THE DEADBOLT: You both seemed to fly under the radar as far as all of the drama with the other teams. How did you stay away from it?

NARY: Jamie and I have never been into all of the drama. Once we see that, we’re actually embarrassed for them and we just steer in the other direction. To me, it’s embarrassing. Everyone’s older and it’s just an unprofessional thing to do. To me, it just gets you nowhere.

So Jamie and I, even though we can get underneath each other’s skin, we just always knew that we’re here to do our thing, we’re here to race, and yelling at each other isn’t going to get you anywhere when arguing with another team. We didn’t care for Vanessa, and we didn’t care for Art and J.J., but we weren’t going to argue with them. We didn’t care to. It wasn’t going to gain anything for us.

THE DEADBOLT: Was there anything from the race you wish we saw that wasn’t aired on TV?

JAMIE: We had this incredible experience after we made that wonderful tent and we had to sleep in it. Right when we were all trying to use the restroom before we got in our tent, this buffalo came out of nowhere. So they yelled at us to get in our tent, which you could see on TV was not with the other tents. It was all by its lonesome. A huge buffalo, which are very dangerous in Africa, decided to graze around our tent all night long. I was on high alert the whole night while Nary snored away.

It was just a great memory because when in your life will you experience that again? It was inches from the window when I unzipped it to see what the noise was. There was this huge buffalo! Mark and Bopper at one point wanted to try and save us but Mark talked Bopper down.

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