Fashion Star: Design Collaboration with Nikki Poulos

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Nikki Poulos on NBC's Fashion Star

Last week on Fashion Star, designer Nikki Poulos found herself in a bidding war between the buyers to land her fourth sale of the popular NBC series.

Although the Australian born Nikki had two Fashion Star buyers compete for her vintage maxi-dress, the outspoken Poulos was also challenged by last week’s department store window theme and working with fellow designer, Barbara Bates. When Barbara thought of a photo-shoot theme for their living window, Nikki was honest about her dislike for the concept. However, when Fashion Star mentor, Nicole Richie, thought Barbara’s idea was great for the task, Nikki went with the concept despite her misgivings. It was a move that helped Nikki land another buy on Fashion Star.

So, how tough is it for Nikki Poulos to be herself but also believe in other people’s ideas? As Nikki told The Deadbolt, it’s not as tough as some fans may think.

“I don’t think it’s hard to believe in anyone else’s ideas. I believe very firmly in supporting people around me. I believe very firmly in supporting my colleagues and sharing information. I don’t think it’s hard to believe in other people. I believe very firmly that I have a very good eye. And I think that eye is not just for my own design, I think I have a good eye in being able to recognize someone else who is a good designer. And I think give credit where credit’s due.”

After growing up on a farm in the Australian Outback without electricity, Nikki Poulos knows what it means to be creative. As well, with so much to be done on a farm, Nikki certainly understands the value of collaboration.

From a business standpoint beyond Fashion Star, Nikki also knows what it takes to succeed after creating her own eco-friendly baby clothing line called “ecobaby.” And like any business, you don’t succeed without accommodating the ideas of others to make yourself and your product better.

Given the competitive nature of Fashion Star, how does Nikki see the benefit of helping others in relation to what they’ve all done to date?

“During the course of the competition, actually, I gave some fabric to somebody and their design got bought with their fabric. Do I care about that? No. Because what they do is entirely different to what I do. I think that what happens is you can give us all the identical piece of fabric and ask everyone to create something and it’s going to be different.

That’s what you’re supposed to revel in. That’s the whole process, where you revel in other people’s skills and talents as much as you do in the success of your own. That’s what makes you stronger. I think a group is always strong together like that.”

Fashion Star airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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