Gossip Girl Recap: Salon of the Dead

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

This week’s episode of Gossip Girl called “Salon of the Dead” gave fans another hour of inflated reveals, blackmail, and the usual underhanded dealings of Manhattan’s elite.

For fans of Gossip Girl who originally thought that Diana’s return was just a ploy to cause friction in Nate and Lola’s relationship, the drama turned out to be different. It was Chuck who was once again visited by the ghosts of his parents’ pasts when he discovered that his connection to Diana was a lot deeper than he wanted it to be. And finally, Lola and Serena’s tentative reconciliation went up in flames after Lola discovered that Serena was now in charge of Gossip Girl. So much for family first, right Serena?

“Salon of the Dead” played out like an accident on the side of the road, as each Gossip Girl character became even more embroiled in each other’s problems. The big reveal about Serena’s newest title was nothing short of a disappointment since Lola and Diana were less than surprised. For someone like Serena, who has been such a brilliant manipulator in seasons past, her disregard for protecting her GG secret made the reveal painfully obvious. Perhaps it was an intended cop out? After all, it is Gossip Girl.

Diana soon turned up at Nate’s apartment to “tell the truth” about her relationship with Chuck’s father, which begged the question: was the security in the building so loose that anyone could stroll in without a key or password? But Chuck finally learned that his father had an affair with Diana. After Elizabeth discovered that she was unable to conceive, she agreed to care for Bart’s illegitimate child as her own until the truth became too much and she left Bart. Sure Diana’s flimsy excuse for her return may have been heartfelt from a mother’s perspective, but she had absolutely no justification for a lascivious dalliance with Nate when she knew full-well that Chuck was his best friend.

For all of the “Dair” fans out there, Blair and Dan finally decided to go public with relationship, or at least Blair’s public, amid a British salon theme. Their idea for an intellectual salon was a hit-and-miss moment for both. But just like last week, Dan made the most important move when he realized what he really wanted. In the end, Dan finally overcame his fears about the world of Blair Waldorf to admit that their relationship was the most important thing in his life.

As for Serena “cry me a river” van der Woodsen, even Lola wanted nothing to do with her. Lola gave up her potential acting career after Serena sold her out to Gossip Girl and pretty much ruined Lola’s chances of ever landing an acting job. But Serena wasn’t the only Van der Woodsen out for revenge since Lily cut off Rufus’s account due to their spat over Ivy. It was just petty and unreasonable. Although Lily has never been the most level-headed adult on Gossip Girl, she should have tried to work it out first.

Will Serena get hers next Monday? What’s Diana’s other secret? When will Ivy get her revenge on Lily? We’ll have to wait until next week to see.

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Nadya Vlassoff

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