Fashion Star: Designer Challenges with Sarah Parrott

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Sarah Parrott on NBC's Fashion Star

This week on NBC’s Fashion Star, designer Sarah Parrott was eliminated from competition after getting lost in the challenge of designing an elegant dress.

Although Sarah Parrott was a strong competitor on Fashion Star, Parrott had a hard time this week when the buyers wanted her to design something more elegant than previous weeks. Despite the fact that Sarah came through in the end, Parrott second guessed her design decisions before her runway, which was evident on stage to the buyers when her show was over. At the end of the Fashion Star night, the buyers chose to send Sarah home from competition after a strong showing on the popular NBC series.

Still, despite being eliminated, Sarah Parrott had five items sold on Fashion Star at a total of $300,000.

Following her elimination from Fashion Star, The Deadbolt caught up with Sarah Parrott to learn more about her experience, her identity as a designer, and how she felt about her final Fashion Star challenge.

THE DEADBOLT: Since you didn’t design for a living before the show, did you feel a sense of comfort from that, or did you always feel like you were at a disadvantage?

SARAH PARROTT: I didn’t ever feel that I was at a disadvantage. I think that as a designer, I’m equal to everyone that was there. As far as experience in the industry, yeah, I was definitely lacking in that. The people that were there have businesses and they’ve done it for years, so they definitely had more knowledge about it. I guess in that sense maybe it was a bit insecure, but I try not to compare myself to others so much.

THE DEADBOLT: After being on the show, do you have a better sense of who you are as a designer, or are you still finding your identitity?

PARROTT: No, I think I’ve always known who I am as a designer. I think maturing that over time is something that happens. I was definitly at the beginning of stages. But I think that’s the exciting part, to mature in the business and learn and grow from everything. You’ve got to start somewhere.

THE DEADBOLT: Since you didn’t find your footing with the last challenge, how tough was it to create something that you were unsure about?

PARROTT: I’ve got to be honest, it’s tough. They give you the challenge and they give you so little time to go and shop for fabric. You’re never going to find the fabric that you always want, so you start right off the bat with a struggle. At least with me, I did. The time constraints are rough. I really think that over time that was the one thing that broke me down the most.

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