Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Dayana Out of Line

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

This week on Celebrity Apprentice, Dayana Mendoza clashed with Lisa Lampanelli during a jingle challenge before meeting Donald Trump in the boardroom.

Although Arsenio Hall stepped up as project manager of Team Unanimous to manage Aubrey O’Day on this week’s Celebrity Apprentice, Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza, went toe-to-toe with comedian Lisa Lampanelli of Team Forte during a task to create a jingle for Good Sam. The tension was so thick between project manager Dayana and Lisa that even the mild mannered Clay Aiken was forced to choose sides.

Interestingly, it was Aubrey who stepped up for Arsenio and Team Unanimous to create a contemporary cheerleading themed jungle for Good Sam while the fractured Team Forte went with a 1960s concept. Despite her bitter past with Arsenio on the show, Aubrey wowed the executive from Good Sam to help her team win the task while Dayana stayed behind the scenes to let Lisa and Clay perform their 60s jingle.

So, what was all of the drama about this week on Celebrity Apprentice?

When Don Jr. made the usual trip to see how the teams were doing during the task, Dayana felt marginalized but gave all of the credit to Clay and none to Lisa. Pushed to her limit, Lisa erupted on Dayana in front of Don Jr., shouting to Miss Universe, “You’re out of line, again!” before storming out of the room.

In the end, despite a strong run on Celebrity Apprentice, Dayana saw her time on the show come to an end when her team lost and she was fired by Donald Trump.

Following this week’s Celebrity Apprentice, NBC released new recaps clips that show Dayana’s unusual request for her team’s musicians before she pays the price for not giving credit where credit is due.

Check out the latest recap clips from Celebrity Apprentice and give us your thoughts on this week’s drama. Was Dayana really out of line?

Celebrity Apprentice – A Little Pink

Celebrity Apprentice – Out of Line, As Usual Again

Celebrity Apprentice – No Escape

What do you think?

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  • DaisyHurts

    As much as I despise Lisa, Dayana spent the entire task doing stuff that made no sense, like asking musicians to play “pink and yellow,” and demanding to have a hand in writing the lyrics despite not knowing what a rhyme is.  I don’t think I could have taken five minutes of that without blowing up.  She was maddening.  It’s understandable that she doesn’t know anything about music, but not that she doesn’t realize that she doesn’t know anything.

    Even worse than her wince-inducing incompetence was her cold, calculated manipulation of the evil Lisa.  She knows that her ability to remain calm while being screamed at makes her look poised, adult, and sympathetic, so she deliberately pushed Lisa’s buttons to MAKE the woman scream at her.  I lost all sympathy for her at that point.  The silly girl should have known it was a tactic sure to backfire on her in the boardroom.  In any case, when Lisa handed Dayana her head, all I could feel was relieved she wouldn’t be around to embarrass herself further next week.

    • Olga1512

       Well, it was a bad move for Dayana to offer herself to be the leader on this one.  But I admire her not only she is tought on taking so much bullying, but also she is so calm and collected and most of all, honest, she says the comments to people in their face, unlike the red hair one who does it about every one in her own team and not only behind their backs but also to the  Trumps who will be the judges on the board room.  It was unfair that not only the fat one was attacking lovely Dayana, also Donald Trump did it, why didn’t he say anything about the red head one being so two faced with the other team???

  • Jerry from San Diego

    Lisa is a digusting pig and a miserable hag.  I will never go to one of her shows and would discourage anyone from doing so.  The same with the Aiken.  I have totally lost respect for her as well.  Both of their antics were high school and embarrassing…for them (laughing behind Dayana’s back, making faces…seriously?)  How sad.  

    Dayana had no hope in hell of leading Lampanelli nor the Gayken.  Dayana is beautiful and well poised, but out of her element in this competition.That said, Lampanelli and the Aiken were very creative but lacked both class and the ability to be civil and professional.  They are as void of any sign of Emotional Intelligence as Dayana was in her ability to lead these too monstrous people.

    • DaisyHurts

       “Gayken??”  Really?  I thought Clay behaved with incredible patience toward someone who was disrespectful toward him all day long, doing her damnedest to make him blow up the way the horrible Lisa did. 

      And by referring to him as “Gayken” and “her” you have proved yourself to be every bit the bullying bigot Lisa is.  Congrats.

  • I don’t think anyone deserves to win Celebrity Apprentice in 2012 as they don’t have the temperament to be good managers and motivate workers. 

    Aubry and Lisa (esp Aubry – at least Lisa gives her team some credit but treats everyone like crap generally) will stab everyone in the back because they feel they do everything and no one else on their team is responsible for their success; Teresa, Clay and Arsenio are more followers than leaders because they do not know how to handle the Aubrys and Lisas of the world.

    This show was really painful to listen to as I could never work for loud mouth people like this who viciously bad mouth their co-workers behind their back.  If I was Dayana, I’d be grateful that the pain had ended.  Considering what she had to go through, she should remain proud.