The Biggest Loser: Who Will Win Season 13?

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

The Biggest Loser will name a Season 13 winner on Tuesday night when Kim Nielsen weighs in against the brother-sister pair of Conda and Jeremy Britt.

Although the current season of The Biggest Loser saw its fair share of drama and conflict, under the banner of “no excuses,” a new winner will be named in the live season finale on Tuesday, May 1.

After working his way back into The Biggest Loser competition last week, Jeremy Britt takes on his sister Conda and former wrestler Kim Nielsen in the final three. But who out of the final three will walk away as The Biggest Loser? Perhaps more importantly, who deserves to win the title of Biggest Loser?

To say the least, Season 13 of The Biggest Loser has been awkwardly entertaining. Aside from the expected “I want to go home” talk masked as the honorable “falling on the sword,” Season 13 was a dramatic departure from what fans saw on the show in years past.

Earlier in the season, fans got their first taste of conflict when the brother-sister team of Adrian and Daphne Dortch returned to an unwelcoming Biggest Loser ranch after being sent home in the first episode. The conflict between the contestants continued for a few episodes until Adrian and Daphne were sent packing again by their team mates who felt they didn’t deserve to return to the ranch (despite being told ahead of time).

But the most awkward moment of The Biggest Loser came when pastors Buddy Shuh and Mark Cornelison chose to leave the game when they learned former contestants would be back to compete for a spot on the show (despite being told ahead of time). The exits of Buddy and Mark left Kim, Conda and Jeremy to face the scales in order to remain in the game.

After their weigh in, Kim and Conda earned an automatic spot in the final two while Jeremy had to battle for his Biggest Loser life against the former ranchers. After outlasting eliminated Week 2 contestant, Mike Messina, in a grueling endurance challenge, Jeremy earned a spot in the final three.

So, how do the three shape up?

Kim Nielsen

Starting The Biggest Loser at 252 pounds and losing 105 pounds for a total weight loss percentage of 41.7%, Kim is the current leader. Out of the three finalists, physically, Kim has looked like the winner for a couple of weeks now.

A former professional wrestler, Kim looks very close to the picture we saw of her earlier in the seasonduring her pro days. Having done it all before at a high level, Kim looks to have used the season’s drama to her advantage.

Jeremy Britt

Starting at 389 pounds and losing 150 pounds for a total weight loss percentage of 38.6%, Jeremy is the new Biggest Loser underdog in second spot. Although Jeremy had to fight his way back into competition, we all know that everyone loves a comeback kid. Physically, over the past couple of weeks, Jeremy has started to look the part of a Biggest Loser contender.

But the big question is: can he beat his sister?

Conda Britt

Beginning her Biggest Loser journey at 294 pounds and losing 99 pounds for a total weight loss percentage of 33.7%, Conda sits in third with the most ground to make up. Like her brother, Conda’s physical transformation kicked into high gear over the past couple of weeks. Although fans have seen Conda as a major force behind much of the season’s drama, she has worked through the distractions to earn a spot in the final three.

Who do you think will win Season 13 of The Biggest Loser?

What do you think?

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  • Josh18

    I can’t see it being anyone other than Kim. I’m trying to picture Conda and Jeremy but just can’t see it at all. The biggest losers were Mark and Buddy.

  • Bennyblue73

    Josh, I would argue Mark and Buddy are simply losers…they quit!   Jeremy and Conda are vile people.  I would certainly hope Kim wins!