The Biggest Loser Winner: Jeremy on Conda, “I wasn’t going to take it easy”

7 years ago by Diana Daley

On Tuesday night’s finale of The Biggest Loser, Jeremy Britt walked away the winner of Season 13, beating his sister Conda and former wrestler Kim Nielsen.

After fighting his way back into The Biggest Loser competition only a week before the live finale, Jeremy Britt was named the Season 13 winner after losing a total of 199 pounds on the show. In winning The Biggest Loser, Jeremy beat his sister Conda who was by his side for the entire season. As well, Jeremy also beat front-runner Kim Nielsen who was the last to weigh in on Tuesday night.

So, how tough was it for Jeremy to balance his affection for Conda while being competitive at the same time? When The Deadbolt caught up with Jeremy the next day, the new winner of The Biggest Loser was quick to elaborate on his competitive spirit.

“It wasn’t difficult at all. My sister and I are competitive in everything we do when it came down to being us. She wanted to win and I wanted to win.”

Interestingly, like Season 11 sibling finalists Olivia and Hannah, Jeremy and Conda were the only family members this year to reach the finale of The Biggest Loser.

In fact, of all the pairs that began the season of “no excuses,” Jeremy and Conda were the only original team mates still intact at the end of the season. And when the former Biggest Loser players returned for one last shot on the ranch, it was Jeremy who beat the odds to stay in the game.

So, after enduring all of the challenges and drama on The Biggest Loser, what was Jeremy’s approach to facing his sister in the finale?

“Obviously, if one of us wins, it’s a really good thing. I wanted to beat her and I wasn’t going to take it easy on her at all. I wanted to destroy her.”

One of the highlights that Jeremy Britt experienced this season on The Biggest Loser was his trip to the White House to work out with First Lady Michelle Obama. Not only did Jeremy get to meet Michelle Obama with his family but he also shared in the experience with his sister.

The Biggest Loser finale, however, was a major highlight for Jeremy in a season in which he became the comeback kid.

Looking back on his time with Michelle Obama, how does Jeremy feel about spending time with the First Lady in relation to what fans didn’t necessarily see on TV?

“One thing that may not have come across on camera was how down to earth Michelle Obama was, how she talked to everybody and how personable she really was. It was so humbling being there and being in these rooms that not everyone gets to go to. It was a very weird experience and it was a good time.”

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Diana Daley joined The Deadbolt in 2010 as a feature contributor and interviewer. She currently covers The Biggest Loser on NBC and conducts the weekly exit interviews leading up to the finale.