Survivor: One World: Kat Edorsson, “I just had so much heart”

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

This week on Survivor: One World, Kat Edorsson of the Salani tribe was voted out of the game after being blindsided by her alliance at Tribal Council.

Although Kat Edorsson was in danger of being voted out earlier in Survivor: One World, Kat formed key alliances throughout the season to survive beyond the merge. This week on Survivor: One World, however, Kat became a big threat to her alliance when she nearly beat tribe leader Kim in the most recent immunity challenge.

But when Kat won reward this week and chose not to allow Tarzan and Christina to spend time with their loved ones, the move proved to be too much for some of her Survivor tribe mates. As a result of her Survivor strength and reward choices, Kat became the latest casualty of Survivor: One world.

Check out the exit interview with Kat below:

I wanted to ask you about Ponderosa. You had said it kind of felt like it was almost your home out there and you were not wanting to go back to the real world. Can you discuss that a little bit, what you were feeling and how that feeling maybe changed, or if it did change?

KAT EDORSSON: Oh, of course not. My entire life I’ve always thought I was a lion. That may be weird for you, but I’m a very weird person. I’ve always though I’ve been a creature of nature. I would rather be out on that island kicking Kim’s ass, starting fires and getting dirty and gross than ever being in the real world.

I work at a corporate office right now, and I’m a top producer of sales in my corporate office, and I have a hard time always getting dressed up for work and taking showers, and stuff like that. I’m just a very outdoorsy type of person. It’s just always been me. And I would rather be there than ever be back home. I’d be there in a heartbeat if someone asked me to go back.

What was your knowledge of Survivor prior to playing?

KAT: I have to say, I wasn’t a super-fan and knowledgeable the way that other people were. Kim was a super-fan, Troy was a super-fan, and Colton was obsessed. These are super-fans that I was battling. I was very fluent with the game. I knew how to play. Did I understand the deceitfulness? Did I really process what you have to really win this game? Absolutely not! I did not know. And I don’t think anybody knows until they actually play, how deceitful you rally can be.

But you just have to be in that state of mind to know that this is what I came here to do and this is what I’m going to do. Unfortunately, even if I did have that mindset, I still got eliminated. So my experience didn’t really work as much as I planned it to be.

You said at the end that you would go down as the most naive player out there. How would you like people to view you? What would you like people to remember you by as a player?

KAT: As a player, if someone’s reminded of me, I’d want them to think that she was just funny. She had so much heart for the game. Yeah, she wasn’t very intelligent when it came down to being deceitful and having an open mind for different opportunities when playing, a little clueless, a little, but I think I just had so much heart. I really did. I love that damn game.

What do you think?

Reg Seeton

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  • Josh18

    Had this been a mixed tribe of men and women from the start, I’m sure Kat would have been one of the first to go. Since the guys just imploded, it obviously took the focus away from other players. Kat should have jumped ship with Troyzan and turned the tables. Have no clue why she’d ever take Kim on reward when Kim didn’t take her. That was a huge slap in the face and Kat should have returned the favor.