Green Lantern Revealed to be Gay Hero

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

The DC Comics super hero Green Lantern will soon be revealed as a gay man next week in the second issue of the Earth 2 series, which fans will see on May 6.

Although it will be revealed that Green Lantern is gay in Earth 2, it won’t be the famous Hal Jordan that comes out of the closet. Instead, the Green Lantern alter ego, Alan Scott, has been written as a gay man and will be outed next week.

However, according to CBS News, Scott won’t traditionally come out of the closet but instead will be seen as gay when fans read the latest Earth 2.

Writer James Robinson recently explained the intent as Alan Scott being a reflection of real society as a unique man among a larger group of characters.

Robinson also revealed that Green Lantern being gay is not the focus of a larger storyline or future plot.

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Reg Seeton

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