Reflecting on Jane by Design with Matthew Atkinson

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Matthew Atkinson returns to Jane by Design and the role of Nick Fadden after a midseason break that left Nick and Jane’s potential relationship in limbo.

The first half of Jane by Design gave fans more romantic possibilities than anyone could have imagined. The inner workings of high school fidelities were tested not only between friends but also potential couples. Nick and Jane (Erica Dasher) found themselves at an impasse after Billy (Nick Roux) revealed that Fadden and Lulu (Meagan Tandy) shared a kiss during their camping trip. To make things harder on Nick, it was revealed at the end of mid-season that other characters had feelings for Jane.

In the midseason premiere of Jane by Design, Jane deals with her decision between the three guys but not before potentially getting a promotion for Gray (Andie MacDowell) unless India (India de Beaufort) is able to end Jane’s career.

So how does Matthew Atkinson feel about where things could go for Nick and Jane? In a chat with The Deadbolt, Atkinson (ever the Southern gentleman) revealed just how hard it was for Nick to deal with Jane’s ongoing hot and cold act, what the fan reaction was to his kiss with Lulu, and how he enjoys working on such a stylish set.

“I don’t think that there’s going to be that much a big deal when you look at it logically from the actual perspective of the storyline. What happens with Lulu and Nick, it was something that was kind of like ‘this and that’ throughout the entire first season. Not because it’s Lulu and Nick but because Jane’s been running off constantly on Nick and it’s left him confused.

You just start dating someone, and they just keeping run out on you on dates and lying to you and not telling you what’s going on. At some point, you just go, ‘I’ve had enough of this, you need to be honest with me’. It was just one of those moments where it was a huge miscommunication where Nick’s on the phone and he thinks that someone else is saying that she [Jane] is going off to go have sex with some other guy.”

Elaborating on Nick’s thought process when kissed Lulu, Matthew Atkinson shared some interesting insight on just how easy it can be to make the decision to kiss someone else, especially when it comes to high school relationships.

As for Matthew Atkinson’s involvement on the fashionable side of Jane by Design, Atkinson was charmingly poignant as he described the differences between the sets that anchor Jane’s double life.

“Well, the stylish set, I am hardly ever on. The fashion is set, it’s amazing. The high school set, it’s still great but it’s definitely not as high-falutin’. It definitely gives you security, walking into work everyday, knowing that it’s not just you that’s on your A-game, it’s the set designer, the costume designer, everyone is putting in 100%. Everything is great and everything is set up for success.”

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Nadya Vlassoff

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