Arsenio Hall Gets New Late Night Talk Show

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Arsenio Hall with return to television with a new late night talk show in the fall of 2013 almost two decades after breaking ground with The Arsenio Hall Show.

Only weeks after winning Celebrity Apprentice, Arsenio Hall has inked a deal with CBS Television Distribution for his own syndicated late night talk show that will premiere in the fall of 2013. As Hollywood Reporter indicates, the new untitled late night talk show with Arsenio Hall will air nightly between Monday and Friday and will be executive produced by Arsenio Hall along with CBS Television Distribution and Octagon Entertainment Productions.

The new late night show with Arsenio Hall has already been sold in several key markets in the Top 20 of the country and will make its debut in 2013.

In response to the news, Arsenio Hall revealed that he’s eager to get back into the late night saddle and get busy all over again.

Interestingly, when The Deadbolt spoke with Arsenio Hall during his time on Celebrity Apprentice, Hall reflected on his talk show legacy after five groundbreaking late night seasons from 1989-1994.

Celebrity Apprentice: Arsenio Hall Reflects on Talk Show Legacy

“The talk show was a totally different time,” Hall told The Deadbolt during Celebrity Apprentice. “That’s why I think often timing is the most important element. You can bring a project along at the wrong time and a great thing could not work. Like the Ben Stiller Show in the early Fox days, something great but just ahead of its time. I think my timing for that was just perfect.”

After beating Clay Aiken to win the latest edition of Celebrity Apprentice, it appears that Arsenio once again has timing on his side.

Before we signed off with Arsenio in our Celebrity Apprentice chat, the late night legend was also quick to point out how the television landscape has evolved.

“Things have changed now and television has changed. We’re redefining ourselves as a television Hollywood.”

How do you feel about Arsenio coming back to late night television?

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]

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