Behind the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Train Sequence

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

With Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter about to hit theaters, 20th Century Fox released a new Silver Train preview that show how Honest Abe battles vampires atop a moving train.

In the newly released Silver Train preview for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, producer Jim Lemley and director Timur Bekmambetov explain just how big of an undertaking the Silver Train sequence actually was. From coordinating pyrotechnics for 3D fire with the actors to compiling more than 300 CGI shots, the Silver Train sequence was a huge undertaking in order to deliver the necessary action for the explosive battle.

Actor Ben Walker also explains how he transformed from mere mortal to legendary Presidenmt to vampire hunter with a six hour makeup session before hopping on top of a bouncing train car. The preview also show how Walker worked with the stunt guys to pull off the Silver Train sequence while dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hits theatres on Friday, June 22 2012.

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Nadya Vlassoff

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