The Cost to Educate President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Infographic showing the total cost to educate President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney

As President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney continue to debate education ahead of the election, a new infographic outlines the actual cost to educate a president.

Now that President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are on the final campaign home stretch before American voters have their say in November, both have different views on education. Although Obama and Romney both support more educational options for families, the two are divided when it comes to standardized exams, flexibility for teachers, unions, and rules within the private and public sectors.

We all know that the cost of pre and post-secondary education has skyrocketed since Barack Obama and Mitt Romney began their unique journeys through the educational institutions of America. However, when adjusted to fit today’s price tag on schooling, the cost to educate a potential president may surprise you.

In a newly released infograph at DegreeJungle, voters can now see just how much it costs to educate a president.

From President Obama’s time at Occidental College before transferring to Columbia University to Governor Romney’s years at Brigham Young and Stanford, the new infograph is revealing in that we now know how much money to set aside for any child who has dreams of running for The White House.

By The Cost to Educate a President

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