Saturday Night Live Takes Aim at Biden – Ryan VP Debate

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Jason Sudeikis and Taran Killam play Vice Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live got political over the weekend by poking fun at the Vice Presidential debate between current VP Joe Biden and GOP nominee Paul Ryan.

With Christina Applegate playing host, Saturday Night Live took aim at the Vice Presidential debate this weekend as Jason Sudeikis slipped into the role of Vice President Joe Biden while Taran Killam played GOP nominee Paul Ryan.

In the SNL debate, Sudeikis gave The Walking Dead a plug by saying to Ryan that the zombie apocalypse locale would boost tourism in Scranton Pennsylvania. “If you went to the lowest circle of hell,” said the SNL version of Biden, “you’d still be 45 minutes outside of Scranton.”

The debate continued with a few name-calling jokes before Biden told Ryan to forget p90X because there’s “gym strong and then there’s old man strong” when it comes to being tough. As it turns out, Joe Biden pushes Amtrack trains for a workout on his way to The White House each day.

The debate ended with a surprise visit from Olympic world record sprinter Usain Bolt.

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