The Amazing Race 21: Caitlin and Brittany, “That was really frustrating”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Best Friends Caitlin (left) and Brittany (right) travel to the next location on The Amazing Race – Robert Voets/CBS ©2012

This week on The Amazing Race, best friends Cailin King and Brittany Fletcher were eliminated in a close but dramatic finish at the pit-stop in Indonesia.

In an Amazing Race leg with a Double U-Turn, best friends Caitlin and Brittany became the unlucky victims of an Indonesian driver who got lost in the final minutes. In a close race with substitute teachers Gary and Will, Caitlin and Brittany could only ride along and watch as their bike driver made a wrong turn in the final leg.

Unfortunately for the girls, the driver for Gary and Will made the correct turn to leave Caitlin and Brittany on the outside of The Amazing Race looking inward at the other teams.

“It’s definitely hard being eliminated,” said Brittany the day after leaving The Amazing Race. “I think the most frustrating thing was that we had already been taken to the pit-stop when we left the detour. We were in sixth place when we actually left the detour. So we had that error, which took us down a different path and ended up costing us everything. Our guy was the one who turned left at the fork in the road. It was someone we ended up relying on who took us to the pit-stop 45 minutes prior. That was really frustrating.”

As Caitlin and Brittany agreed on their exit call with The Deadbolt, both felt that they were strong enough to beat Gary and Will to the finish line.

Earlier, however, the girls lost valuable ground on the substitute teachers due to a language barrier with one of their bike drivers. In an effort to not lose money and overpay the driver, Caitlin and Brittany argued over the price of their ride.

In Detour A, best friends Brittany (left) and Caitlin (right) perform with a Javanese Reog group – Robert Voets/CBS ©2012

Although fans of The Amazing Race only saw a few brief minutes of their exchange, there was much more to it than on television.

“The thing was, they only showed part of it,” Brittany continued. “We were actually standing there for about 15 minutes trying to pay the driver. It was one of those things where he wasn’t giving us any feedback and was just kind of staring at us. So we had all of the locals around us trying to tell us how much it was and he was asking different people. So Gary and Will had already caught up to us and started the challenge and we were still standing there trying to pay this driver.”

As it turned out, the girls paid the driver with the money they had. Still, it was a moment that slowed the girls down in their quest to win The Amazing Race.

“During the heat of the moment,” both Caitlin and Brittany agreed, “you’ve got to go and beat three other teams in order to keep going in the race. When you’re standing there, you’re like, ‘Listen, we’ve got stuff to do. How much is it?'” It wasn’t us trying to come across as arrogant, we just had to leave. That was also frustrating.”

What did you think of Caitlin and Brittany on The Amazing Race 21?

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  • Paul

    i loved them they were my faves i wanted them to win stupid driver getting them eliminated

  • I love them both, really hate to see them eliminated. They are pretty, should be the candies for the show. btw, the driver did not have the change for the money that they handed over (a 100K Indonesian money while it should only cost them 20 K Indonesian money). Those drivers don’t normally have big buck in their pocket.

  • KG

    Even if they did only show part of it, the one girl was yelling in the driver’s face and had a really bad attitude as she stormed off. I was embarrassed that she represented America that way…obviously there is a language barrier when you visit other countries, you don’t just expect everyone to speak English because “We are Americans and we rule”. Show a little compassion.