Project Runway Season 10 Finale Style with Tim Gunn

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Tim Gunn smiles for Season 10 of Project Runway on Lifetime – Photo: Lifetime

Project Runway and Tim Gunn return to Lifetime on Thursday night with Part 2 of the Season 10 finale in which a winner will be selected by the judges.

In the first part of the Project Runway season finale last week, mentor Tim Gunn went to the homes of finalists Christopher Palu, Fabio Costa, Dmitry Sholokhov, and Melissa Flies to give them each one last bit of style advice before the big night.

Although it’s been an interesting season of Project Runway, with a variety of different designs than in seasons past, fans haven’t really seen many eye-popping stand-outs from this year’s crop.

But given how the designers faced several time-crunching challenges this season, including five weeks for their final collections at a budget of $9000, you can’t blame the designers for a lack of effort.

Ahead of the Season 10 finale of Project Runway, The Deadbolt caught up with Tim Gunn to get his thoughts on how there weren’t many wow designs this year for judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.

“I can be doomish and gloomish about it, and be woeful” Gunn told The Deadbolt on Wednesday. “But quite frankly, we get to a point in the season where I’m just happy that anything is walking down that runway. The designers are so done at the end. I’m very much their advocate, their champion, their cheerleader and their defense attorney. So when the judges go after them, I want to stand up and shout. But I won’t pretend that there weren’t the big wow moments this season.”

Last week on Project Runway, Tim Gunn visited the New York City home of Fabio where the top style icon was rendered momentarily speechless and confused by the “Cosmic Tribalism” of a pair of pants. Although Gunn loved some aspects of Fabio’s theme, Tim compared the pants to a pair of “long johns.”

“I thought it was one of the worst collections of clothes that I’d ever seen in my entire life,” Gunn admitted to The Deadbolt.

However, with Fabio in the Project Runway finale as one of the final designers, Tim Gunn knows talent when he sees it.

“I was just mystified,” Gunn added, “because he’s so incredibly talented. That palette is so juvenile and so junior, I was just mystified. He’s incredibly smart and incredibly knowledgeable. I thought maybe, in a matter of speaking, that he was pulling my leg and he was going to say, ‘Guess what, this isn’t really it.’ I just don’t know what happened.”

Still, despite being mystified by Fabio’s pants, there was a silver lining for Tim Gunn after what went down with the judges.

“I was hugely relieved,” Gunn explained about Fabio as a designer, “that he passed through the judges’ analysis last week. And I was especially pleased to hear the feedback the judges gave him, because it was so similar to the advice that I gave him when I had the home visit. We’ll find out [in the finale] whether he listened or not.”

The Season 10 finale of Project Runway airs Thursday, October 18 at 9/8c.

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