Survivor: Philippines: Sarah Dawson on Jeff Kent, “Why bother outing him?”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Sarah Dawson and Jeff Kent of the Kalabaw Tribe during the fourth episode of Survivor: Philippines. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS© 2012

This week on Survivor: Philippines, Sarah Dawson of the Kalabaw tribe was voted out of the game in the first significant tribal blindside of the season.

Although Dawson played a good game within the Kalabaw tribe and was part of an all-girl alliance, which included Dana Lambert who left due to illness, Sarah became the target of former Major League Baseball player Jeff Kent.

As Survivor fans saw in previous episodes, Dawson was the only person on her tribe who knew the real identity of Jeff Kent, the baseball star.

But when Sarah began to talk smack about baseball this week on Survivor: Philippines in an attempt to throw Jeff off-balance, the former National League MVP got wise to Dawson’s Survivor game and orchestrated her exit.

At Tribal Council, however, after being voted out by her tribe, Dawson had the opportunity to out Jeff Kent to the Kalabaw tribe but chose to keep quiet. As well, Sarah kept quite about Jeff the entire time she was on Survivor.

So, why didn’t Sarah tell her tribe mates about Jeff’s real identity as a famous baseball star?

“I’m not a malicious person,” Dawson told The Deadbolt the next day. “I do things in the game that are going to advance me, and that wasn’t going to advance me in the game. But I did actually want to watch him play the season without anyone knowing he’s a millionaire and have him lose anyway.”

Kent, a former MLB star who played for six teams throughout his career, knows how to read signs and spot signals.

However, as Dawson revealed to The Deadbolt, Kent had issues with his social game.

“If he wants to come out here and play like a normal person,” Dawson continued, “he can. But I watched his social game and I knew that he wasn’t going to go very far. So, why bother outing him? Let him lose as a normal person. We’ll see if that happens, but that’s kind of my just desserts on him.”

Do you think Sarah should have outed Jeff to the tribe before she left the game?

What do you think?

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