New Parenthood Drama with Lauren Graham and Ray Romano

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Ray Romano (left) and Lauren Graham (right) plays Hank and Sarah in NBC’s Parenthood – Photo: NBC

Parenthood actress Lauren Graham and recurring actor Ray Romano recently shared thoughts about their television relationship and season four kiss.

This season on Parenthood, fans got to see a close moment between Lauren Graham’s Sarah Braverman and Ray Romano’s Hank Rizzoli when the two shared a brief kiss in the episode “There’s Something I Need to Tell You…”

Although Sarah still has strong feelings for Jason Ritter’s Mark Cyr character, her kiss with Hank opened up a brand new can of dramatic worms and conflict as the fourth season continues.

Ahead of the October 23 episode of Parenthood called “I’ll Be Right Here”, The Deadbolt spoke with both Lauren Graham and Ray Romano to get their feelings on their special but awkward moment, where Hank is at in life, and how Sarah Braverman feels going forward.

THE DEADBOLT: With the kiss between Hank and Sarah a couple of episodes ago, how awkward was it for the two of you to play that romantic awkwardness?

RAY ROMANO: Take it away Lauren. Tell him. Go ahead. I know you’re going to say what I said before the scene.

LAUREN GRAHAM: I don’t remember what you said.

ROMANO: That I’m not going to kiss you during rehearsal.

GRAHAM: Oh, right, to make it awkward. Look, it’s always awkward. But what I like is these loaded moments that are confusing I think are the most interesting of life. I think there are all of these mixed feelings. Hopefully we captured just two people trying to connect.

Lauren Graham’s Sarah Braverman (left) shares an intimate moment with Ray Romano’s photographer character Hank in Parenthood – Photo: NBC

ROMANO: Well, I like doing it because, first of all, awkward I can play. That’s in my wheelhouse. It’s very easy for me to be awkward, especially around women. But with this guy, that’s why I like this, because it had to be awkward but filtered through Hank, which was totally different than anything I’ve done with Ray Barone or even Men of a Certain Age or anything.

There was like a little bit of refusing to accept that it was awkward, kind of. It was a weird line I had to walk and I just kind of felt that that scene was really unique and felt good when we did it.

THE DEADBOLT: Ray, since you’ve had so much success in your career, how do you relate to Hank’s bitterness about where he’s at in life right now?

ROMANO: You know, success is only in the eye of the beholder. First and foremost, I’m a comedian. So I’m never really happy with myself for what I’ve done. And you’re always looking for something, for the next thing, and you never think you really got it. So it’s kind of a dichotomy. You know that you’re successful but you don’t accept and you don’t really believe it.

I don’t know if I connect to the bitterness, but I do connect to the feeling of wanting. There’s an artistic need for something, to accomplish something more and falling short of that.

Believe it or not, I do kind of connect to that and so it’s easy to kind of tap into that. I mean, it’s not all about money. My wife has all the money. This has nothing to do with money.

THE DEADBOLT: Lauren, since Sarah had the kiss with Hank and then asked Mark to movie in, do you think it made her feelings for Mark stronger, or is she scared?

GRAHAM: It’s sort of neither one nor the other. I think it made her resolve a little stronger to try to keep her life on the track that she’d planned and hoped for and finally looked like she’s about to achieve.

And by the way, we still don’t really know what is going to happen, nor does the creator of the show if we believe what he said.

One of the funny things about this show is that he adjusts as things go along, and kind of picks up on the threads that are interesting to him more than maybe they do on most shows, which is not to say it’s not planned. We don’t know kind of where we’re going.

So the line I’m trying to play is confusion. And I think it’s justifiably confusing what’s happening. But yes, in that moment I think she was like, “This felt like a sort of step outside the lines. Let me bring myself back.” But I don’t know that it’s going to work.

What do you think?

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