The Voice: Michaela Paige, “My confidence comes from being sure of myself”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Micheala Page performs on Season 2 of The Voice on NBC – Photo: NBC

This week on The Voice, 16-year old Michaela Paige squared off against 15-year old Kelly Crapa for Team Blake as the battle rounds came to an end.

After Michaela Paige and Kelly Crapa took The Voice stage on Tuesday to sing the Joan Jett hit “I Hate Myself for Loving You”, coach Blake Shelton had a hard decision on his hands. It was a battle in which both singers hit several high notes and traded verses like seasoned vocalists beyond their years.

However, when it was all said and done, internet radio host Michaela Paige came out the winner due in large part to the confidence she projected to all four judges.

When The Deadbolt caught up with the young and talented Michaela Paige the day after her battle, the fun-loving high school senior gave insight into what makes her tick on stage.

“I really think that my confidence comes from being sure of myself and being sure of who I want to be as an artist,” said Michaela about her comfort level on The Voice stage, “and being able to put myself into that mode.”

Earlier in the competition, guest mentor Michael Buble took notice of Michaela’s belief in herself as a singer. As we all know, confidence is a key component to becoming successful at anything in life. You have to believe that you can win.

When the battle was over on Tuesday night, Michaela found herself moving on while Kelly had to say goodbye to her fellow competitors despite a strong performance.

So, where else does Michaela get confidence from as a singer?

“Also being able to transform into whoever is portraying the song,” Michaela added, “is where I get my confidence from. I really can’t describe it any other way.”

Michaela’s strength as a singer was obvious when she performed the Pink hit “Sober” during her blind audition. With one win the The Voice can after battle, it looks like Michaela could be a top contender.

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