Survivor: Philippines: Katie Hanson on Jeff Kent, “I was shocked!”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Former Miss Delaware Katie Hanson on Survivor: Philippines – Photo: CBS

This week on Survivor: Philippines, Kalabaw tribe member and former Miss Delaware, Katie Hanson, was voted out at Tribal Council in a Survivor blindside.

Although all Kalabaw eyes were on returning Survivor Jonathan Penner after he made a strategic food deal with fellow all-star Michael Scupin, Katie Hanson became a viable target within her tribe.

As the drama played out, Kalabaw set their sights on both Katie and Penner as the two tribe mates who were up for elimination. When it was all said and done at Tribal Council this week, Katie was blindsided and sent packing from the Philippines.

The day after being voted out of the game, The Deadbolt caught up with Katie to learn more about her blindside, her thoughts on Penner’s deal during the reward challenge, and whether she was surprised that tribe mate Jeff Kent was really a former Major League Baseball MVP.

THE DEADBOLT: So, were you prepared for the blindside, or were you really blindsided?

KATIE HANSON: I think it was a little bit of both. I was pretty convinced it was going to be me when I walked into our shelter and, without even plotting, Penner said, “It’s Denise!” There was not even any consideration, so I was like, “What? Where did that come from?”

When I asked Jeff, the way he responded was very unusual. He doesn’t act like that and it was just weird. So I was like, okay, something’s up with me. It’s got to be me. But I tried to give it a fighting shot and convince them, “Hey, here’s your opportunity to get rid of Penner. You can make this happen, you just have to work with me here.”

It seemed like they were convinced, but obviously they weren’t.

THE DEADBOLT: What did you think of Penner’s deal to trade the rice?

KATIE: At the time, I thought it was an excellent deal. The Tandang tribe had a leg up on us as far as food was concerned, because they won steak, they won muffins and cookies, chocolate and coffee. You look at all of the great things that they had and we were stuck with what we started with.

So the idea that we could have this great lunch, I would have given my leg for it. In retrospect, that was kind of stupid. Now we don’t have any food and what I ate just went through me because I was starving for so long and it was probably a dumb idea.

I think that [Michael] Scupin got the better end of the bargain because he did a great job of starving us out.

Jeff Kent and Katie Hanson of the Kalabaw Tribe during the fourth episode of Survivor: Philippines – Photo: CBS

THE DEADBOLT: After you were voted out, were you surprised to learn that Jeff was a former baseball star?

KATIE: Oh my god, I was shocked! I never would have guessed in a million years that he was a pro ball player. But I guess it kind of makes sense.

For someone who is middle-age, he was a very, very big asset to us in winning our challenges.

But it was shocking because I never, ever thought he was anything more than a rancher.

How did you feel about Katie’s gameplay on Survivor: Philippines?

What do you think?

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