Should the Justice League Movie Include Huntress?

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Warner Bros. has slated 2015 for the release of the Justice League movie – Photo: DC Entertainment

The Justice League movie will hit theaters in 2015 and fans are already speculating about which heroes should be featured in the upcoming DC Comics film.

Although little is known about the Justice League storyline and characters, it’s safe to say that fans will likely see Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. However, when it comes to the Justice League comic book universe, there are a slew of DC characters that screenwriter Will Beall will need to look at for the movie. The Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Cyborg, Supergirl, should get some sort of obvious consideration either as headliners or supporting superheroes. But what about Huntress, one of the more well-known but often overlooked female Justice League characters?

Should Huntress be in the Justice League movie?

Well, we likely won’t see Huntress as a super “hero” per se, but the thought of Huntress as a character in the movie is appealing on many levels.

Huntress (not to be confused with the Huntress from the Marvel universe) is a bit of an enigma. As a character that has walked both sides of good and evil, she’s never been an easy female to pin down. Like Batman and Green Arrow, she doesn’t have superpowers or special traits. Her inclusion in the DC universe is both fascinating and peculiar for that very reason. Like Catwoman (her original mother), she’s a female DC character that relies on fighting skills and general cunning to fight crime.

And given the many versions of Huntress that we’ve seen over the years, there are a ton of creative options when it comes to the character.

Helena Wayne as Huntress in the DC Comics universe – Photo: DC Comics

Various Incarnations

Huntress made her first DC appearance as Paula Brooks back in 1947. However, Brooks was not in any way associated with the two subsequent reincarnations of Huntress since she was also known as Tigress in the Young All-Stars. She was a super-heroine turned villain who became one of Wildcat’s most well-known foes.

However, things changed for Huntress during the Bronze Age when she was introduced as Helena Wayne, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman in the alternate Universe, Earth-Two, who revealed herself to the Justice Society of America. Although Huntress was born without special powers, she was trained by her super parents. Interestingly, Helena became Huntress out of a need for revenge after her mother was murdered by Silky Cernak.

Just like Selina Kyle (her mom), Huntress struggled as she dealt with personal anxieties about her call to fight crime. Would she be the perfect heroine, or a tortured anti-hero?

It wasn’t until her death and subsequent return in Infinite Crisis that Huntress emerged as a full-fledged crime fighter and Helena Wayne became the heroine that she had always aspired to be as a child.

However, all of that changed again in 1985 when the most recent reincarnation of Huntress named Helena Bertinelli did away with the character’s legacy as the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. Instead, Bertinelli was born into a tough Mafia family. In fact, her childhood was much more graphically extreme than the other versions of Huntress.Raped as a young girl by a member of another Gotham crime family, Helena was sent away to school in an effort to protect her life. Helena returned only to witnesses the murder of her family at the hands of the mob. The tragedy sparks Helena’s transformation into the new Huntress.

The interesting (and common) thing about Helena Wayne and Helena Bertinelli is that they don’t become heroines out of a need to save people but rather out of vengence and the later realization that they can fight crime.

Huntress (right) with Black Canary (left) in Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

Helena Bertinelli truly came into her own as a character in the Birds of Prey series where she was joined by other females like Oracle (the former Batgirl), Black Canary, and Lady Blackhawk. It was in this series that Huntress was finally accepted for her own identity. But Huntress was a vigilante who often clashed with fellow member Oracle.

Could Huntress get along with her fellow Justice League members if she was incorporated into a movie? More importantly, could Huntress fit in with the more high profile characters?

The Black Widow Factor

Well, let me throw this out there to you: if Black Widow was in The Avengers, why not Huntress in Justice League? The two female characters have a few things in common. Neither woman became a straightforward, clearly defined superhero. Both Black Widow and Huntress are highly skilled fighters who don’t possess “super” powers. And like Huntress, Black Widow’s decision to fight crime came after a change in her code of ethics. For both female characters, their personal experiences pushed them toward the side of justice.

Although Black Widow is more widely known to fans given her involvement in The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D., it may be time for Huntress to come out of the DC shadows and hit the big screen.

Huntress in the Justice League Unlimted cartoon series

The Wild Card

One drawback to Huntress in the Justice League movie is that she was actually kicked out by Manhunter for not following protocol in Justice League Unlimited. Her need for revenge outweighed her duties to the League and she suffered the consequences.

Despite how she was kicked out, I still stand behind Huntress. The expulsion did allow Huntress to become more interesting and stronger as a female character since she beats to her own drum as an independent woman.

If Huntress does become a consideration for the Justice League movie, producers will need to choose between Helena Wayne and Helena Bertinelli. As much as I’d love to see Batman’s daughter play a role in the film, the overlapping layers of history could be too much work to put into an ensemble that needs to focus on other characters first.

Despite her wild ways, Helena Bertinelli would be the more engaging character choice. If Wonder Woman’s all smiles, Huntress could certainly bring the necessary conflict within the Justice League to make things interesting.

What do you guys think? Should Huntress be in the Justice League movie?

What do you think?

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  • Check out the New 52 World’s Finest. It’s Huntress Helena Wayne and Power Girl from Earth 2 sent here to Earth 1 from a battle with Darkseid. Helena Bertinelli is no longer. I don’t think you’ll be seeing her in the Justice League movie, but she will feature in Arrow on the CW. Anxious to see what they do with her there

  • JT61

    Here is the twist to the movie. Make her secretly taking out the Justice league. There is your sequel. She fights for the League but she really wants to get rid of them. Use your imagination and drive that towards the end.