Juror in Britney Spears Trial Points to Lack of Evidence

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

A juror in the Britney Spears trial blamed insufficient evidence as a major reason why the case was thrown out of court.

A juror in the Britney Spears case against ex-manager Sam Lufti called the lawsuit weak based on a lack of evidence to support Lufi’s allegations.

As reported by E! News, new X Factor judge Britney Spears and her family won the defamation case brought by Sam Lufti this week when the suit was thrown out of court for lack of evidence. Also thrown out was the libel, battery, and breach of contract lawsuit against Britney’s parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears.

Although Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Suzanne G. Bruguera didn’t explain her ruling, “a difficult decision” had to be made in the case.

However, as E! News reveals, juror Veronica Jones shed more light on the jury’s decision and how the case ever made it to court with such woeful evidence. “We weren’t given a lot of evidence to support or to come to any conclusions,” said Jones exclusively to E! “I wasn’t convinced he had a case, a real strong case.”

Lawyers for the Spears family had asked the case to be dismissed due to insufficient evidence. After the dismissal, Sam Lufti left the courtroom with the intent to appeal the ruling.

The jury heard information surrounding Lufti’s accusations that Britney Spears had been on drugs in 2008 that led to her odd behavior. Along with Britney, Lufti also sued Lynne Spears over her memoir called Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World that portrayed Lufti in a bad light. Lufti also pursued a battery charge against Britney’s father.

At the beginning of the trial, Judge Suzanne Bruguera warned Lufti that he had to back up all of his claims with hard evidence. Obviously Lufti was unable to provide sufficient evidence to substantiate all claims against the Britney Spears and her family.

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