The Amazing Race: Rob and Kelley, “We were totally against what happened”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Monster truck husband and wife team Rob and Kelley on The Amazing Race – Photo: CBS

This week on The Amazing Race 21, monster truckers Rob French and Kelley Carrington-French were eliminated from competition while in Istanbul, Turkey.

Although the husband and wife monster truck driving team of Rob and Kelley were in the thick of The Amazing Race all season long, Istanbul proved to be their undoing when the dynamic duo finished in last place. Like past seasons of The Amazing Race, city congestion and transit played a key role in slowing them down.

Earlier in the race, however, team James and Abba overcame a huge hurdle when twin sisters Natalie and Nadiya scooped their leg money and left the rockers to beg on the street for cash. As it turned out, James and Abba received a timely handout in order to remain in the race.

When it was all said an done this week on The Amazing Race, Rob and Kelley couldn’t make up enough ground to continue.

The day after their elimination, The Deadbolt caught up with Rob and Kelley to get their post race thoughts, their feelings on what happened with the twins, and what ultimately got them eliminated from The Amazing Race.

THE DEADBOLT: Are you both glad you stayed away from all of the drama with some of the other teams, or do you wish you would have played things differently?

KELLEY CARRINGTON-FRENCH: Oh no, absolutely! We’re not into drama in real life and we depend on each other. We just live life, the two of us doing our thing. Yeah, I don’t think we missed out on anything.

ROB FRENCH: I was overly glad that we weren’t in the middle of the theft situation because I would’ve had to speak up an say something to James and Abba. We were totally against what happened there, probably more than anybody, and we’re totally glad we weren’t in the middle of that.

THE DEADBOLT: After watching the episode on TV, what did you think when you saw the twins take the money?

KELLEY: I thought it was crazy!

ROB: I would’ve thought the twins would do something like that because they were dirty from the beginning of the race. But Trey and Lexi, they portrayed themselves as the good Christian kids that are totally All-American.

The last time I checked, being a thief isn’t All-American.

THE DEADBOLT: Kelley, you looked like you did well selling the drinks in the market. How tough was that?

KELLEY: I was surprised since I’m not really that much of an outgoing person. But I knew I had to accomplish the task and get it done quickly. So I just went to a far end of the market where I figured no one else went and started asking and begging for people to buy my drink.

Monster Truckers Rob (left) and Kelley (right) collect 40 pieces of bamboo in order to receive the next clue on The Amazing Race – Photo: CBS ©2012

THE DEADBOLT: Rob, what was the toughest aspect of the race for you that you weren’t expecting?

ROB: Getting eliminated. There wasn’t really anything on the race that was trying physically for me. Eating the fallopian tubes wasn’t very good. I didn’t enjoy the four bowls of that. The hardest thing was when Phil said, “you’re the last team to arrive,” and we were eliminated.

THE DEADBOLT: When you saw the Chippendales jump off the train, what did you both think?

KELLEY: Well, we’re not followers. We had already asked people what they thought was the best way to get to the part of the city. They all said the metro was the best way since traffic was atrocious in the morning, backed up, and we’d be stuck for a long time if we took a taxi. We felt confident in our decision after talking to the locals. Unfortunately traffic wasn’t heavy in the city that day. But we had no desire to jump ship and follow the Chippendales by any means.

THE DEADBOLT: What was it in the end that put you just far enough behind to get eliminated?

KELLEY: Definitely it was the two metros that we had to take. The first, which the Chippendales jumped off of, that wasn’t the bad one. That one was okay. But when you got to the end of it, you had to go up a couple of city blocks, across two streets, and then you had to get on another one. That one had a lot of inner-city stops. That was a bad move. That’s what put us so far behind. Had we get into a taxi as soon as we jumped off of the first metro, I think we would’ve been fine. We would have caught up to everyone else and the race would’ve been on.

How do you feel about the way Rob and Kelley raced, and what happened with the twins?

What do you think?

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