The Walking Dead Recap: “Killer Within”… That was rough!

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead on AMC – Photo: AMC

The Walking Dead returned on Sunday night with the episode “Killer Within” which will go down as one of the most memorable in the AMC show’s history.

When the fourth third season episode of The Walking Dead began, Rick Grimes and the group thought it would be just another day of evading the walkers. As fate would have it, things turned deadly, and not in a good way. When zombies infiltrated the prison in a surprise attack, things got bloody for everyone.

We knew Lori Grimes had to give birth at some point during the season. That much was obvious. When the group took refuge inside the prison in the season three premiere, it was a safe haven for Lori to have her baby. Or so we thought. It was just a matter of when and how she’d be able to have the baby, move on with life, and possibly rekindle her relationship with Rick.

Well, things turned out for the worse this week in arguably the most memorable moment of the entire series. And boy, was it rough to watch!

If you haven’t watched the episode and don’t want to be SPOILED, stop reading now!

When zombies stormed the prison, the group scattered and Lori, Maggie and Carl were forced to take shelter in the bowels of the compound. Amid the frenzy, the two remaining prisoners returned and begged to be part of the group before T-Dog was bitten by zombies and the group found themselves running for their lives inside the prison.

Elsewhere, Michonne and Andrea tried to figure out the truth within Woodbury and whether the Governor could be trusted. Michonne and Merle grew suspicious while Andrea fell further for the charm of the mysterious Governor.

Back at the prison, Lori was forced to make a decision between life and death since her unborn baby couldn’t wait any longer.

With Maggie’s help, Lori tried to give birth the natural way but realized that a C-Section delivery was the only option to save the child. Although Carol had already prepared for a possible C-Section delivery earlier in the season, she was nowhere to be found after T-Dog sacrificed his life so she could live.

The job was left up to Maggie, who had to end Lori’s life in order to save the baby. And with Carl standing over his mother in tears, Lori knew that it would be the last moment she’d ever have with her son.

After a final embrace with a crying Carl, Lori handed a knife to Maggie who cut the child free from Lori’s stomach in a sea of blood.

Like I said, it was rough to watch!

Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl (Chandler Riggs) run for their lives in The Walking Dead on AMC – Photo: AMC

When the baby was cut free, alive and well, Maggie quickly carried the newborn away despite Carl’s desperate plea to save his mother, who lay dying on the floor. But there was no saving Lori after the birth and Carl knew it. Recalling a memory in which he and his father talked about life and death, Carl quickly became a man much earlier than any kid should.

As Maggie hurried away with the child, she heard a gunshot in the background as she walked. Carl put Lori out of her misery, a final gift to his mother.

Man, was that rough or what?

Well, it was nothing compared to what Rick felt when Maggie and Carl appeared in the prison courtyard with the baby and without Lori. When Rick saw the baby, he knew Lori was dead. Although Rick made a desperate dash for the prison, he quickly fell to the ground, screaming and wailing in guttural pain.

We knew Lori had to give birth at some point, but the future came quick this past Sunday night, hitting viewers with a speeding freight train of emotion. And The Walking Dead writers chose to keep things real instead of having Lori give birth to a zombie. Although I loved the thought of a modern day “V” moment, Lori went out on her own terms.

With tears streaming down her face, my wife looked to me and said, “I can’t watch this anymore!” Yeah, it was rough all around!

How did you feel about the way Lori went out on The Walking Dead?

What do you think?

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