Rihanna Unveils ‘Unapologetic’ Tracks, Confirms Chris Brown Duet

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Rihanna will release “Unapologetic” as a Diamonds Executive Platinum edition box set in December.

Rihanna unveiled the tracklist for Unapologetic that features Chris Brown on a new song called “Nobodies Business” along with Eminem on another new track.

Before your eyeballs pop out of their sockets following Rihanna’s tweet reveal of the Unapologetic tracklist, “Nobodies Business” isn’t the first time that the Rihanna and Chris Brown have teamed up for a collaboration since Brown was charged with assaulting the pop diva three years ago.

Back in February 2012, Rihanna featured Brown on her single “Birthday Cake.” Rihanna also appeared a new version of Chris Brown’s “Turn Up the Music.”

Soon fans will hear Rihanna and Brown together again on “Nobodies Business.”

Rihanna has sparked outrage from fans, domestic violence groups, and even mentor and manager Jay-Z over her decision to rekindle her romance with Brown. Let’s not forget the many online reports that indicated that Brown also allegedly cheated on his then-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, when he and Rihanna were spotted kissing last month.

Unapologetic is a mixed album of emotions, as reflected by the poignant track titles. Other notable collaborators include Future and Mikky Ekko.”

Despite the negative press, Rihanna’s latest single “Diamonds” is currently in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

Check out the full track list of Rihanna’s “Unapologetic.”

1. “Fresh Out the Runway”
2. “Diamonds”
3. “Numb” (ft. Eminem)
4. “Pour It Up”
5. “Loveeeeeee Song” (ft. Future)
6. “Jump”
7. “Right Now”
8. “What Now”
9. “Stay” (ft. Mikky Ekko)
10. “Nobodies Business” (ft. Chris Brown)
11. “Love Without Tragedy” / “Mother Mary”
12. “Get It Over With”
13. “No Love Allowed”
14. “Lost in Paradise”
15. “Half of Me” (Bonus Track)

How do you feel about Rihanna teaming up with Chris Brown for “Nobodies Business” after all that’s gone on between the two? Is it nobody’s business?

What do you think?

Nadya Vlassoff

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  • JoeZ

    I think with her and Chris Brown together the hits will just keep coming.

    • T

      Yep I agree…

    • Steven

      I see what you did there.. lol

  • Manny

    She definitely needs help. This poor girls self esteem must be very low to take the abuse of that POS Chris Brown and still work with him. Her management and the record label should be ashamed of themselves for working with someone that hits women


    Theres kids out there that will never see this and they personally want to murder chris brown Rihanna the world loves you more than he does I would hate to see his blood in your hands your a dead bitch walking this is how i feel lined in chalk

  • Juana

    It is nobodies business, if Chris Brown has learned from his mistakes and changed for the better then I don’t see a problem with them getting back together. Nobody is perfect and just because our personal life isn’t in the eye of the public I’m sure there are things and situations we all have done that we wouldn’t want the world to know. Who are we to judge them? We’re nobody. Leave them alone and worry about important issues at hand. People change.

  • Scorpio Moon 18

    I really don’t think it’s anybody’s business what Rihanna & Chris Brown decide to do in their personal lives. they are young adults, and as youngsters they’re gonna fuss & fight. If every young black man and/or woman were to go tojail for occasionally getting into fisticuffs we all woulda been locked up at one time or another. Allow them to make the mistakes that young people do & allow them to grow. If she loves him and wants to be with him this is not a damn thing that anyone can do about it anyway so give it a rest already. There’s a helluva lot more important things to think about.

  • vivi

    it is what it is. she wants to rebel all the time anyways..so..expected. I think they both like the attention 🙂

  • Confused

    Does the duet song title have some double meaning I’m not getting, or is it just poor grammar? The possessive of nobody is nobody’s. “Nobodies” is plural and not possessive.

  • marcus calfee

    Let them have fun all for it

  • Tom

    Her lyrics: sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me. A nice wholesome message for young listeners -and if thst’s not enough, keep dating the masogynist who beats you. After all, that’s love, right?

  • Mickey

    It’s their business and if she, who was abused, can forgive him and move on then SK should the rest of the world! They aren’t supposed yo be our roleodels nor that of our children. Parents, teachers, coaches and leaders in the community should hold that title. Let these people live their lives!!

  • Guest

    mght not be our buissness now. but you two sure sucked up the publicity at the tme

  • Jtrimae

    I really think its no ones business. They r not n our relationships so y should we. N whise sid that they can’t b friends again. Ree n Chris do yall thng fuxx wat ppl say. Its yall feelns n love do yall.

  • dubya

    The MEDIA makes it OUR business, so IT is our BUSINESS! She is a dumb dumb for even talking to him…………..ever!!

  • breaa

    I don’t think its nothing wrong with them being together . They just letting you know to mind your business ahead of time.

  • A daughters dad

    I’m some what of a Rihanna fan an Even if its strictly business, an in the entertainment industry, it set a bad example for her fans that buy her music an for her self after getting a tattoo that says never makethe same mistake twice

  • Keep up, do what makes u happy. No ones problem.