New Justice League Movie Plot Details?

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Warner Bros. has slated 2015 for the release of the Justice League movie – Photo: DC Entertainment

The upcoming Justice League movie recently gained new momentum by rumored plot details that allegedly have strong ties to the Earth-2 comic book series.

According to Latino Review, screenwriter Will Beall has allegedly based the plot of the Justice League movie on three issues of Gerry Conway’s Justice League Of America comic. Issues #183-#185 follow the story of the Justice League as they battle the villain Darkseid who has planned to destroy Earth and put his home planet of Apokolips in its place.

The latest Justice League tid-bit comes only two weeks after Latino Review reported that Darkseid would be the primary villain in the upcoming ensemble film.

However, what makes the latest Justice League rumor even more enticing is the appearance of the Justice Society of America from Earth-2. How producers plan to incorporate all the heroes seems like a complicated matter but still cool nonetheless. At the same time, the introduction of a multiverse would also be a huge challenge for the production, especially as they try to reach casual moviegoers who aren’t familiar with the DC Comics backstory of Earth-2.

To date, however, none of the rumors have been confirmed by Warner Bros.

The Justice League movie, which is slated for 2015, is still without a director or a possible cast list at this stage of development.

What do you guys think of the latest JL developments?

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