Revenge Recap: Top 3 Moments in “Power”

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

The Season 2 cast of Revenge on ABC – Photo: ABC

Revenge returned to ABC in dramatic fashion on Sunday with “Power” in which loyalties changed and more high society secrets were revealed in the Hamptons.

When we last saw Revenge before the holiday break, Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) coup of Grayson Global left Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad (Henry Czerny) livid and determined to regain control of their company. Victoria reached out to Emily (Emily VanCamp) for another underhanded plan while Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Declan (Connor Paolo) discovered just how dangerous the Ryan brothers could be with everything on the line.

In the mid-season premiere of Revenge this past Sunday, Emily and Victoria formed a tentative alliance to take down Daniel while Nolan took advantage of the situation by digging through the Grayson Global server before Emily thwarted the career ambitions of a prominent member of the judicial system.

With Revenge back on the airwaves for Season 2, here are our Top 3 moments from “Power”:

Jack gets arrested

Poor Jack, he can’t catch a break. This week, Jack and Declan attempted to frame the Ryan brothers after learning they had a stash of cocaine hidden in the bar. The Ryans were wise to the trap and instead turned the tables by planting drugs on the boat. When the police arrived, Jack took the fall. Although Connor will be out for blood, the Ryans won’t go down without a fight.

Revenge characters Emily and Aiden share a kiss in “Power” – Photo: ABC

Emily and Aiden are done … not really

During lunch with his father, Daniel witnessed a fake but dramatic moment between Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Emily as the two seemingly broke up for good despite a kissing scene on the beach. Daniel saw it as an opportunity to get Emily back after his failed relationship with Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) in the mid-season finale. Unfortunately for Daniel, the break-up was a ruse concocted by his devious mother.

How long will it be before Aiden lashes out at Daniel in a jealous rage?

Judge Barnes bites the dust

In “Power”, Emily masterminded the downfall of Judge Barnes (Geoff Pierson) in an attempt to clear her father’s name. With Patricia Barnes (Clare Carey) on her side, Emily put the kibosh on the judge’s plans for the Supreme Court. Patricia revealed that Judge Barnes went ahead with the conviction of David Clarke despite how the jury was compromised. Patricia also admitted that bruises on her body were caused by her “beloved” husband. With that, the power of Judge Barnes bit the dust!

What were your favorite moments in this week’s Revenge?

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  • Beth

    This show has gotten better with new characters and a deeper well thought out plot line, which is a welcome change from the 1-episode “take downs” that were too unbelievable last season. The Jan. 6th episode returned with another 1 episode take-down which again was too fast and unreal, but I think it was just a “give them what they want” for the fans that can’t track a plot that last more than 1 episode. Also I think the Daniel/Emily pairing although “fake” is just for the fans that miss “Demily” but so they don’t lose the Aiden fans they kept Emily and Aiden’s romance going (which I am very happy about!) To end “Aimily” so soon would be a shame, that has been the most fun and HOT romance to watch unfold and will hopefully continue.

    • Sarah

      agreed Beth. Daniel is too whiny for Emily.