The Lying Game Season 2 with Blair Redford

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Blair Redford plays Ethan Whitehorse in The Lying Game episode “The Revengers” – Photo: ABC Family

Actor Blair Redford returns to The Lying Game role of Ethan Whitehorse when the popular ABC Family series returns for the second season on January 8.

When The Lying Game returns on Tuesday night, Blair Redford’s Ethan will have a lot to deal with after the first season finale and the drama of Alexandra Chando’s Sutton/Emma characters.

As season two begins, fans will see Emma grow closer to Christian Alexander’s Thayer while still being drawn to Ethan. However, with Sutton out of the hospital and newcomer Jordan in town, Ethan’s deeply conflicted over what to do and who to trust. As it turns out, Sutton may be the only person he can trust for the moment.

Ahead of Season 2 premiere of The Lying Game, The Deadbolt caught up with Blair Redford to get the scoop on Ethan’s status with the girls and how Jordan fits into his life.

THE DEADBOLT: It seems like Ethan’s kind of a mess when the show returns. How would you describe Ethan’s relationship with Sutton this season as compared to Emma?

BLAIR REDFORD: I think the season opens up and Ethan’s in a little bit of a darker, more depressed place given how the last season ended. Anyone who watches the show knows how Sutton operates and I think that definitely leaves it open for Ethan and her to get closer, because anytime that Emma won’t entertain Ethan, Sutton’s there to step in.

So you’ll definitely see, as compared to last year, it’s different, because I think he’s pretty certain of what kind of girl she is after she’s repeatedly lied to him so many times. But he still can’t really shake either one of those twins, so it’ll still be there.

THE DEADBOLT: How does the arrival of Jordan impact Ethan’s state of mind?

REDFORD: I think it has a couple of different twists and turns for Ethan. He’s not as trusting to anyone new as it is. So I think he sort of has one opinion of Jordan when he first arrives.

But it doesn’t just stay at one level. They definitely start out as a bit of a rivalry, as you might expect, but it definitely grows and changes. It’s something interesting to watch.

Honestly, there are more places for it to go. I’d like it if Ethan had a friend at some point. You know, just a guy that he can knock a beer back with and watch a game. But he spends most of his time with the twins.

How do you want things to play out with Ethan this season?

The Lying Game returns to ABC Family Tuesday, January 8 at 9/8c.

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