Justin Timberlake “Ready” to Make New Music

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Justin Timberlake says he’s ready to make new studio music in 2013

Justin Timberlake recently revealed that he’s ready to make new music six years after the release of his last album called Future Sex/Love Sounds.

Although Justin Timberlake hit Twitter to reveal that he’s ready to release new music in 2013, Timberlake also echoed the news in a new video.

In the newly released video titled “I’m ready,” Justin Timberlake explains his decision to return to the studio through voice over.

“Someone asked me the other day,” says Timberlake, “So are you just done with music? It means more to me than anything else in the world.”

Timberlake goes on to say that although he’s only released two albums in the last ten years that he’s ready to return. In the last six years since the release of Future Sex/Love Sounds, Justin Timberlake has focused on acting and other projects like reviving MySpace.

As for how Timberlake feels about re-entering the studio, it’s all about passion.

“I don’t want to put anything out that I don’t love,” the former N-Sync front man adds in the video. “You just don’t get that everyday. You have to wait for it.”

On Twitter, Justin told his followers, “To whom it may concern… I think I’M READY! #JT2013.”

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