Being Human Exclusive: Sam Witwer Breaks Down Season 3 Relationships

6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Sam Witwer in the Season 3 premiere of Being Human “It’s a Shame About Ray” – Photo: Syfy

Actor Sam Witwer returns to Being Human role of vampire leader Aidan Waite when the popular Syfy series premieres Season 3 on Monday, January 14 at 9/8c.

When the third season premieres with the episode “It’s a Shame About Ray”, Being Human fans will see a disheveled and drastically different Sam Witwer after the thrilling second season finale. As diehard fans already know, Aidan was captured by Mother and buried alive inside a coffin after the shocking death of Suren.

As Being Human resumes, Aidan is unearthed fifteen months later with Meaghan Rath’s Sally in limbo and Sam Huntington’s Josh still reeling from his plot to kill Ray, his werewolf maker. In other Season 3 news, Kristen Hager becomes a regular and Xander Berkeley joins Being Human as Liam, father of purebred werewolf twins who is intent on locating his missing children.

Ahead of the Season 3 premiere of Being Human, The Deadbolt went one-on-one with Sam Witwer for an exclusive chat about the state of Aidan, the loss of Suren, the new dynamics between the roommates, Aidan’s love life, and how the addition of former Buffy and Nikita regular Xander Berkeley will impact Aidan as the season progresses.

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THE DEADBOLT: So, how long did it take to grow the beard?

SAM WITWER: A month, or maybe a little more. The only thing I wish is that I had more time to grow the beard and hair out a little longer. I had other things that I had to do and I needed to look more sane for them. But it’s more or less what we talked about, the idea being that as a vampire everything just shuts down and stops, including hair growth.

THE DEADBOLT: If the first two seasons were about risk and the consequences of risk, how would you describe the third season?

WITWER: The third season is about the consequences of those two seasons. The characters spend a hell of a lot more time together this season and they all get what they want. Each one of them gets what they want but with terrible, terrible consequences attached to them, which is why the theme for this year is “be careful what you wish for.”

Being Human poster by legendary poster artist Drew Struzan – Photo (c) 2013 Drew Struzan

THE DEADBOLT: With Aidan being underground for so long, how did you understand that type of isolation in order to play him effectively?

WITWER: Well, for one thing, I just reflected on the fact that when I’m inside for a long period of time and I go out and have social contact that I don’t really know how to interface with other human beings who haven’t been isolated for too long. So, there’s that. You’ll see that in the character.

But moreover, I just looked at it like that scene from Trainspotting when Ewan McGregor was locked in the room and the baby is crawling on the ceiling, the drying out sequence only thirty times vampire madness. In terms of preparing for that, you go to a very, very unpleasant place.

THE DEADBOLT: In what ways has he been able to deal with the loss of Suren?

WITWER: Well, he’s been dealing with stuff in the ground. So, he’s going to come out with not necessarily conclusions or answers to his questions but he’ll be coming out with a lot of new questions.

In terms of Suren, the thing about that relationship – I know some people may interpreted it as she was the love of his life, but I never looked at it that way when I was playing it. What I felt we were doing was telling the story of a bad relationship.

If you watch those two people, if they’re not having sex, they’re fighting. If they’re not fighting, they’re having sex. It’s one of those bad relationships that you wish your buddy would break up with his girlfriend because he’s a drag now.

THE DEADBOLT: There’s a certain maturity with moving on, I suppose?

WITWER: It’s makes sense, because it’s that girl you wanted to date in high-school and then you date when you’re 25. You finally get the chance after fantasizing about her for years and it’s just not what you thought it would be. There was love between those two people, no doubt, but there was not a lot of compatibility. They certainly changed too much in the years since they first knew each other to make that work.

So that’s the way I approached that relationship. Given the year and a half to think about it, I think that Aidan has also come to conclusions that are similar concerning that relationship.

As an actor, the reason I approached it that way was because I was very conscious of the fact that we were in the second season. When you’re dealing with the love of his life, you’ve got to pace yourself. I knew that was not the story we were telling.

THE DEADBOLT: In that regard, what can we expect from Aidan’s relationship with Kat? How do they connect with each other?

WITWER: One of the big differences between Kat and Suren, or even Rebecca, is that Kat’s a person. She’s a human, which makes things all the more dangerous for her. Furthermore, if you date Aidan, you’re life expectancy isn’t that great. So there’s a lot of danger there in that relationship that she’s unaware of.

But Kat’s a smart cookie. She’s also smart enough to know that there’s something up with this guy. Aidan, being off of his pins anyway because of this big ordeal, he’s not as good at hiding stuff than he once was.

THE DEADBOLT: You’ve said in recent weeks that things start slow for Aidan and then turn into a freight train. How will the addition of Xander Berkeley impact Aidan as the season progresses?

WITWER: It’s going to impact him in a big way, a very big way. After all, Aidan is responsible for killing his son. Xander plays Liam, the father of Connor and Brynn. Aidan shot Connor when he was pissed off because Connor decided it would be fun to hunt through the woods one night.

So Xander shows up as Liam looking for his kids, wanting to know what happened. The audience knows but Liam doesn’t know that Aidan killed his son. That’s going to be a fun discovery for Liam to make.

THE DEADBOLT: Is it getting harder to bring back Mark Pelligrino as Bishop, or does the idea of bringing him back push the writers to be more creative?

WITWER: Well, the great thing about the format of our show is that there are these flashbacks. Aidan’s got a lot of history with that guy. So when they do a flashback, Bishop can’t be far behind because they’ve spent a lot of time together. That part makes it easy.

The other side is how we’ve introduced that Aidan is actually quite mad and every now and then sees someone in his head and is able to interact with that person. It’s not necessarily the way it is on Dexter where he’s having conversations with his dad entirely in his head. In our series, the idea is that these conversations are literally taking place. They’re taking place in his head but he’s also physically acting them out, verbally speaking them out loud, and this is all very real to him.

Aidan is not, by any stretch of the imagination, what you would call a sane human being.

Meaghan Rath, Sam Witwer, and Sam Huntington return for Season 3 of Being Human on January 14 on Syfy – Photo: Syfy

THE DEADBOLT: How would you describe the way he views Sally this season?

WITWER: That’s an interesting question, because Sally has grown up a lot since Aidan first knew her. At first she was kind of the little sister and very new to all of this, very naïve. But Sally’s also been through some stuff of her own. So Aidan and Sally start to recognize that there’s some common ground that they maybe previously didn’t have, which creates some confusing moments for those two.

THE DEADBOLT: How will the dynamic be different with all of the roommates this season?

WITWER: Well, it’s interesting. As actors, because we’ve been together so long, I think we’re staring to borrow from each other. When the show first started, I was really the dramatic anchor and Sam Huntington was carrying the bulk of the comedic hull while Meaghan Rath presented more of a feminine viewpoint and comedy as well.

This year, all four of us – Kristen Hager is in there, too – have our definite territory, our turf that we tread upon, but we’ve learned some tricks from the other actors.

So Aidan will be funnier this year whereas Josh will be a bit more serious. At the same time, he’s still on his side of the fence and I’m on mine but the actors have absorbed things from each other.

Being Human returns to Syfy Monday, January 14 at 9/8c.

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