New ‘Revolution’ Webisode and Pilot Commentary

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff
NBC released the new websiode "Wheatley's Letters" and pilot episode with commentary - Photo: NBC

NBC released the new websiode “Wheatley’s Letters” and pilot episode with commentary – Photo: NBC

Ahead of the March 25 return of Revolution, NBC released the first webisode of the new “Wheatley’s Letters” along with the series pilot with commentary.

In the first of six Revolution webisodes, “Wheatley’s Letters” introduces fans to Militia Corporal Joseph Wheatley who is working undercover to undermine the Rebels. Although Jospeh Wheatley was briefly featured in the Revolution when he took Billy Burke’s Miles Matheson to the tunnels near Philadelphia, fans get a deeper look at Wheatley who actually met his demise in the series last year.

But now fans get a Wheatley prequel to kick of the new series of webisodes that begin on February 18 on

As Wheatley writes in his letter to Major Daniel Christensen on a fictitious May 7, he was stationed at the 4th Battalion at Holtwood Crossing west of Philadelphia. On the night of May 4, Wheatley was sent out with a group to recon a tent village outside of New Holland. Wheatley’s Letters detail their battle with rebels, the demise of the group, and his flight and rescue by rebel troops. As it turns out, Wheatley infiltrates the rebels and earns their trust, which looks to be short-lived in the full blown webisode.

NBC also released the Revolution pilot with commentary by producer Erik Kripke and Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau who directed the Revolution pilot and serves as executive producer.

Revolution returns to NBC on Monday, March 25.

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