Star Wars Episode VII: J.J. Abrams “Grateful” to George Lucas

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
Director J.J. Abrams is grateful to Star Wars creator George Lucas for the chance to work on Star Wars: Episode VII

Director J.J. Abrams is grateful to Star Wars creator George Lucas for the chance to work on Star Wars: Episode VII

J.J. Abrams is now officially confirmed to direct Star Wars: Episode VII after Disney, LucasFilm, and George Lucas issued an official statement on Friday.

Although unofficial news broke earlier this week that Star Trek director J.J. Abrams had been hired to direct the next Star Wars movie, Disney along with LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas made the news official before the weekend.

“It’s very exciting to have J.J. aboard leading the charge as we set off to make a new Star Wars movie,” said Kennedy in the official press release. “J.J. is the perfect director to helm this. Beyond having such great instincts as a filmmaker, he has an intuitive understanding of this franchise. He understands the essence of the Star Wars experience, and will bring that talent to create an unforgettable motion picture.”

Although Star Wars creator and longtime director George Lucas will only serve as a consultant on Star Wars: Episode VII after the sale of LucasFilm to Disney last year, Lucas has all the confidence in the world that J.J. Abrams can take Star Wars in a new direction.

“I’ve consistently been impressed with J.J. as a filmmaker and storyteller,” added George Lucas in the official press release. “He’s an ideal choice to direct the new Star Wars film and the legacy couldn’t be in better hands.”

As for J.J. Abrams himself, whose Bad Robot production company is on board as well, Episode VII is an about face from earlier denials that he wouldn’t be involved in the Star Wars franchise.

“To be a part of the next chapter of the Star Wars saga, to collaborate with Kathy Kennedy and this remarkable group of people, is an absolute honor,” said Abrams about working on Star Wars. “I may be even more grateful to George Lucas now than I was as a kid.”

It was also confirmed that writers Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg would serve as consultants on Star Wars: Episode VII. Kasdan was screenwriter on The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Return of the Jedi. Kinberg was writer the behind Sherlock Holmes and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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