Chris Brown Under Fire for Faking Community Service

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff
The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office found discrepensies in Chris Brown's community service

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office found discrepancies in Chris Brown’s community service

Chris Brown may have more legal trouble to deal with after the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed paperwork to revoke Brown’s probation.

On August 25, Brown was sentenced to five years of probation, one year of domestic violence counseling, and six months of community service after a felony plea deal for assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna.

TMZ reports that an investigation into Chris Brown’s community service led to a number of inconsistencies in the amount of hours completed. As a result, Brown could face serious consequences if the allegations prove to be true.

The paperwork and motion was submitted and filed on Tuesday morning by Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray, which included documents that allege some of Brown’s community service hours may have been faked.

At the heart of the matter, Chris Brown allegedly completed 202 hours of community service at the Tappahannock Children’s Center in Virginia where the singer’s mother was once a director and who apparently monitored his progress.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, it appears that the Richmond Police Department supervised Chris Brown on nine or ten occasions. In the remaining scheduled work days, however, it appears that Brown went unsupervised.

In the submitted paperwork, Los Angeles Deputy Attorney Jackie Lacey said that the documentation was “at best sloppy and at worst fraudulent reporting.”

The Associated Press backed up the story by indicating that the L.A. District Attorney’s Office requested that Brown’s probation be revoked and that the singer be ordered to repeat six months of manual work for the violation.

Brown claimed that he completed his work at Children’s Center by waxing floors, which was contradicted by the facility’s cleaning company that asserted to investigators that they did the floor work when Brown was at the day care.

Deputy District Attorney Murray made it clear that there was no “credible, competent or verifiable” evidence to prove that Brown completed his community service as ordered by the court.

The latest legal controversy surrounding Chris Brown could be more complicated this time around, especially after the D.A.’s Office also noted Brown’s previous violations without jail time, which includes a positive drug test for marijuana, and his recent fight with singer Frank Ocean.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Los Angeles District Attorney also revealed that Brown was either in Washington, D.C., or arriving from Cancun or Dubai on some of the days he was supposed to be performing community service.

On Tuesday, Brown’s high-profile lawyer Mark Geragos refuted the claims, saying that the District Attorney’s Office and investigators “are making scurrilous, libelous and defamatory statements and apparently have lost their ability to read their own reports.”

Brown is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday to address the latest probation allegations.

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