Will Yoda Get a Stand Alone ‘Star Wars’ Movie?

6 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff
Rumor has it that Yoda may get his own stand alone Star Wars movie - Photo: LucasFilm

Rumor has it that Yoda may get his own stand alone Star Wars movie – Photo: LucasFilm

LucasFilm is rumored to be developing a stand alone movie centered around Jedi Master Yoda as part of a plan to expand the cinematic Star Wars universe.

The latest Star Wars rumor comes via Ain’t it Cool News, which reports that Kathleen Kennedy, LucasFilm, and Disney have plans to develop a Yoda movie as the first in a series of upcoming stand alone Star Wars movies.

Although it’s only speculation and rumor at this point, AICN claims that “Kathleen Kennedy is putting together a Star Wars slate,” with Yoda to be the first character to get a stand alone movie beyond the upcoming Episode VII in 2015 and Episode VIII and Episode IX to follow.

Star Wars forums have exploded with comments after this latest nugget.

“I think this is perfect for the tv series,” said a user named Boxster at the Jedi Council, “but for a movie spin off just on Yoda, nah!”

Despite the mixed feelings about a Yoda movie, a user named Darth Claire offered an alternative.

“Another rumor I doubt is true,” said the Star Wars fan. “Bring me my Boba Fett movie.”

So, could it be true? Well, if we’re just now hearing about a potential Yoda movie, it’s likely been in the creative pipeline for a while as part of a longer term plan beyond the three new Star Wars films. However, it could all be nothing but a load of crap designed to generate traffic. Maybe, maybe not.

Could LucasFilm simply be testing the waters to see if fans actually want a stand alone Yoda movie? That’s also a possibility. Why make a Yoda movie if fans don’t want one? Who knows at this point.

As for what we think…

Well, expanding the Star Wars universe wouldn’t be a bad idea. After years of tight control on such a popular franchise, stand alone movies could work well if the right characters are chosen. Could Yoda carry his own movie? We’re not sold on that one just yet. A younger Yoda may be the better way to go. As for Boba Fett, absolutely!

How do you feel about Yoda getting his own stand alone Star Wars movie?

What do you think?

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