Leaving The Amazing Race 22 with Twin Doctors Idries and Jamil

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
Twin doctors Idries (left) and Jamil Abdur-Rahman (right) of The Amazing Race - Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2013 CBS

Twin doctors Idries (left) and Jamil Abdur-Rahman (right) of The Amazing Race – Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2013 CBS

This week on The Amazing Race 22, twin OB/GYN doctors Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman were the second team eliminated from competition in Bora Bora.

Although the doctor brothers from Chicago survived the first leg of The Amazing Race in the Season 22 premiere, Idries and Jami found themselves in tougher than expected in ther second leg this week. When the twins were forced to dive for oysters, the deep waters of Bora Bora proved to be a little too much for the OB/GYN physicians from the Windy City.

After a late switch of tasks, however, Idries and Jamil eventually completed the detour but hit the mat in last place to become the second team eliminated from the new season of The Amazing Race.

The following day, The Deadbolt caught up with Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman to get their post-race thoughts, how they overcome the tropical waters of Bora Bora, and what the doctors thought when their Amazing Race cover was blown.

THE DEADBOLT: Although you were eliminated, how cool was it to run The Amazing Race in Bora Bora?

IDRIES ABDUR-RAHMAN: Oh god, just to be on The Amazing Race was an unbelievable experience. Then to do it in such a phenominal place was even better. It was cool. It was great.

THE DEADBOLT: How long did the second underwater challenge take as compared to the first?

IDRIES: The second one took us about ten minutes. The first one was anywhere from two to three hours. I’m ballparking that one, but the second one was much faster.

THE DEADBOLT: Jamil, what exactly was it with the water that you couldn’t do?

JAMIL ABDUR-RAHMAN: I don’t know if it was anything that I couldn’t do necessarily. I’m not real comfortable in the water. In the swimming pool, I’m fine with things like that. But the open, deep water, I’m not real comfortable.

I wasn’t comfortable getting in the water. So when I realized that our challenge was going to require me to get in the water and be in there a long time, I was concerned with whether we’d be able to actually do it.

THE DEADBOLT: Idries, as a teammate, what options did you have at that point?

IDRIES: Well, there weren’t a whole bunch of options. It was either talking him into the water and get him to do it with me or doing it by myself. The third option, which we should have exercised earlier, was doing the other end of the detour.

Aside from that, it was just a matter of trying. I understand his fear of water because I have it. So it was a matter of easing his fears, letting him know it’ll be okay, and then doing it.

Twin doctors Idries (left) and Jamil (right) must balance on traditional Polynesian sparring stilts in The Amazing Race - Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2013

Twin doctors Idries (left) and Jamil (right) must balance on traditional Polynesian sparring stilts in The Amazing Race – Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2013

THE DEADBOLT: Going into the race, how important was it for you guys to quickly form alliances, especially with the second express pass?

JAMIL: I thought it was pretty important right off the bat, especially with the second express pass. I felt that if we weren’t the first team to reach the mat after leg one with the first or second express pass, we’d have an alliance with the team that did have it. So, forming an alliance for that reason was important.

But also I felt that if we were the first team to the mat and we had the first express pass and the second express pass, we didn’t want to be in a position where we had to choose one team over another. That would only leave hard feelings. During a long race, you don’t want to have a bunch of folks who are upset with you.

We thought that by making the proposal and forming that alliance, it took a lot of the pressure off of everybody. No one would look at the decisions with the express pass and ask, “Why did you choose this team versus that team?” They’d all know we made an agreement and we were just abiding by the agreement. So, we felt that it took a lot of the stress out of the process.

THE DEADBOLT: How surprised were you that Pamela and Winnie didn’t believe your delivery men story?

IDRIES: You know, honestly, I wasn’t too surprised. We hadn’t really fleshed it that well amongst each other. We said that we’ll just say we’re delivery men. I didn’t expect them to say, “oh, who do you deliver for?” and keep going with it. We’re pretty bad liars, so I wasn’t too surprised they didn’t believe it.

JAMIL: I kind of thought we might be able to pull it off just because technically we are delivery men, we deliver babies. At least if we say that, we’re not totally lying and maybe we’ll be able to pull it off a little bit more. But Winnie was right at us with, “who do you deliver for? Are you lying?” We were like, “oh, wow!”

THE DEADBOLT: How was the race harder than what you expected going into the season?

JAMIL: The thing I didn’t necessarily anticipate was that there would be sleep deprivation and there would be stress. I felt like we were prepared for that. But the thing that I didn’t anticipate was just how much of a factor that would play.

In the second leg of the race, when we were doing the oysters, that lack of sleep along with fear really gave us tunnel vision. So we approached the task kind of incorrectly. Instead of pulling the entire rope, we’d pull one oyster at a time.

I think that was the one thing I didn’t prepare for was how the fear and lack of sleep gives you tunnel vision and you can’t think as clearly as when you’re at home watching the show on TV.

IDRIES: You don’t think outside the box. The title of the challenge was “Pick a Pearl,” so I was picking a pearl. I didn’t think that I could take the whole line of pearls. It’s just that you get tunnel vision.

How do you feel about Idries and Jamil and their time on The Amazing Race 22?

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    theyre booksmart but they couldn’t exercise common sense, nor swim. i was hoping they lasted a little longer as i liked them more than a lot of the teams, as they seem like pretty nice guys.