The Biggest Loser Exit Reflection with Alex Reid

6 years ago by Diana Daley
Alexandra Reid competes on The Biggest Loser - Challenge America - Photo: NBC

Alexandra Reid competes on The Biggest Loser – Challenge America – Photo: NBC

This week on The Biggest Loser, Texas legal assistant Alexandra Reid became the latest competitor to leave ranch after working hard to change her life.

Although Alex had a hard time dealing with the demands of the gym on The Biggest Loser, the original Blue Team member found her weight-loss groove after an inspirational talk from trainer Bob Harper early in the season.

Despite losing 8 pounds this week at the final weigh-in, Alex saw her time on The Biggest Loser come to an end after a hard fought battle to transform herself into a healthier person.

Following her exit from The Biggest Loser, The Deadbolt spent a few brief minutes with Alex Reid to get her thoughts on life before and after the ranch and who she sees in the mirror today.

THE DEADBOLT: You look great. It’s hard to imagine you not having confidence. Can you talk about who you used to see in the mirror compared to who you see today?

ALEX REID: Growing up I have always been told that, “Oh my God, you’re so pretty. You have such a pretty face.” But looking in the mirror I didn’t see that because I had my mom and my sister always by my side and I would compare myself to them. To me, basically with the media and everything that was going on, I related beauty to being skinny.

So when people would tell me, “You have a beautiful face” or, “You’re such a pretty girl,” I didn’t see it. I didn’t understand it, because it’s like, “I’m overweight so there’s no way I can be beautiful.”

But now, after being on the ranch and I’ve taken this journey, I’ve realized that beauty comes in all different shapes, all different sizes, all different colors. And beauty really is skin deep.

THE DEADBOLT: Well, you can hold your own with the best of them.

ALEX: Thank you!

THE DEADBOLT: Can you compare what your expectations of the ranch were to the reality when you were there?

ALEX : My expectations of the ranch, I honestly thought in the beginning that they would take it a little easy on us, that we would slowly get to see the working out aspects of it. But we went headstrong and we jumped into it.

I also was a little naive going into it. I didn’t think about gameplay. I didn’t think that all that really was a major aspect of the game. I went into it thinking, “Okay, we’re all here to lose weight,” and I kind of forgot about the game aspect of it all.

THE DEADBOLT: You certainly kept up your end.

ALEX : Thank you.

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