American Idol’s Paul Jolley Addresses Future, “I think I am ready”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
Paul Jolley performs as a Top 9 finalist on American Idol - Photo: FOX

Paul Jolley performs as a Top 9 finalist on American Idol – Photo: FOX

This week on American Idol, Paul Jolley of Tennessee was voted out of the competition as the finalist field was narrowed to the top eight singers.

Although Paul Jolley gave it his all this week on American Idol, the four judges failed to use their save on the 22-year old native of Palmersville, Tennessee. In the weeks leading up to last night’s elimination, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were a little more critical on Jolley than some of the other Idol singers.

In fact, despite the sentiment from mega-producer Jimmy Iovine that the judges were too positive with the singers, Iovine felt that Paul Jolley wasn’t ready to be the winner of American Idol.

“I would just have to say to each his own,” Jolley told The Deadbolt the next day about Jimmy’s comment of not being ready for primetime, “because I think I am ready for it or I wouldn’t be in the top ten of the competition. There’s no way that I would be there. I feel that he saved me for a reason. So I feel that he knows that I have the talent and knows that I’m ready or he wouldn’t have done that for me.”

So, how did Paul feel about Jimmy’s opinion that the Idol judges were coddling the singers too much this season?

“It bothered me,” added Jolley, “but I was okay with it because I want some critiquing. I want to grow ultimately.”

Throughout the season, Jolley admitted several times that singing is his true calling in life. Now that his Idol journey is over, he can now show more of himself to fans as he prepares to head out on the Idol Tour.

“I can move on and start doing my own thing,” said Jolley about his elimination as a positive thing for the future. “I don’t have to stay glued to doing a certain theme every week. I can still talk to my troopers and fans and learn about what they want to hear from me.”

Although Jolley began the competition with country and the Rascal Flatts song “I Won’t Let Go”, Paul ended his Idol run with Heart’s rock ballad “Alone” in an effort to save himself.

Did he feel a steeper uphill climb on American Idol because of his country roots?

“Not at all,” Paul admitted about not seeing his country background as a disadvantage. “It’s not really a comfort thing, it’s just being myself. Everywhere I go, I just have to be myself no matter if it’s five hundred people in a room or four judges in the room. I didn’t feel like it was disadvantage at all. It’s clear now because you can see all of the different genres that we have in the competition still.”

How do you feel about Paul Jolley leaving American Idol this week?

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