Returning to ‘Revolution’ with Elizabeth Mitchell and Co-Creator Eric Kripke

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
Elizabeth Mitchell stars as Rachel Matheson in the Revolution episode "The Stand" - Photo: NBC

Elizabeth Mitchell stars as Rachel Matheson in the Revolution episode “The Stand” – Photo: NBC

Revolution actress Elizabeth Mitchell and series co-creator Eric Kripke recently discussed the return of the NBC series and the lingering questions from fans.

In the explosive new Revolution episode “The Stand”, Monroe sets out to obliterate the Rebels after harnessing the power of the pendant while Rachel Matheson (Mitchell) reunites with Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny (Graham Rogers) as Miles (Billy Burke), Nora (Daniella Alonso) and Aaron (Zak Orth) take on the Monroe Militia.

Getting a huge lead in from The Voice, the return of Revolution promises more than a few answers to buring questions before the season ends.

Leading up to Revolution, The Deadbolt caught up with co-creator Eric Kripke and actress Elizabeth Mitchell to get the lowdown on what’s to come with Rachel and the overall approach to the back half of the season.

THE DEADBOLT: With regard to the notion of binge-viewing, how important was it for a lot of questions to be answered now at this point in time? Was there a sense of urgency?

ERIC KRIPKE: I certainly felt having a had a minute to go back and analyze the first ten episodes, I thought our pace of mythology reveals was probably a tiny bit slow. At the time you’re so focused on establishing character and establishing world, and especially on a genre show where it’s an entirely new world with new rules, you spend a lot of time making sure that you’ve got those straight and that you’re setting it all up properly.

But once I looked back at all the completed episodes, if I had a criticism in the storytelling, it was that I was feeling I think the same impatience that the audience was feeling over the last couple. They were good stories and good episodes but I had that kind of vibe of like, okay get to it, get to Danny. Let’s see what’s going on. Let’s get to the next part, I’m ready, I get it, let’s do this thing.

Once we realized that then the writers sort of collectively looked at each other for the second half and said, “Okay let’s course correct and let’s blow the doors off it and let’s get everybody together.”

Billy Burke takes aim as Miles Matheson in Revolution - Photo: NBC

Billy Burke takes aim as Miles Matheson in Revolution – Photo: NBC

More answers to come

There’s probably a lot of answers that we’re giving in the second half that probably could have waiting until season two but we felt that we should smoke them if we’ve got them. And we knew what some of our answers were, and we knew that we had these big reveals up our sleeve, and they’re just wasn’t any reason to withhold them. So we just started spending our coin and I think the episodes reflect that.

I think you’ll look at the second half and there’s probably no one episode that doesn’t have at least one big moment that either unveils more mythology or is a seminal moment in one of the character’s lives that transforms them and we really work hard to make sure there’s something like that in every episode.

THE DEADBOLT: Elizabeth, when the show resumes, where is Rachel’s mindset with regard to Monroe, the rebels, and being with her children?

ELIZABETH MICTHELL: She wants to be with her children. She wants to kill Monroe. I think that Rachel is somewhat, in my mind of course, but everyone feels that way about their own character, such a tragic figure.

She’s tried so hard to do the right thing for so long. I think that her mindset is on survival and her mindset is on revenge. in a horrible, awkward way her mind is on good parenting, which she’s not very good at.

But I think the sad thing was that she probably at one time truly was. So it’s just what this world has created and she’s a direct reflection of that. So her mindset is revenge, love and trying to do the right thing. We’ll see if it works.

Revolution returns Monday, March 25 at 10/9c on NBC.

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