Survivor: Caramoan Favorite Andrea Boehlke, “I didn’t feel paranoid”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
Survivor favorite Andrea Boehlke of Redemption Island on Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites - Photo: (c) 2013 CBS

Survivor favorite Andrea Boehlke of Redemption Island on Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites – Photo: (c) 2013 CBS

Former Survivor: Redemption Island castoff Andrea Boehlke was the latest contender to be eliminated from Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.

When the drama resumed this week on Survivor: Caramoan, favorite Andrea Boehlke was the second cast member to leave the game in a double Tribal Council episode that also sent Survivor fan Reynold Toepfer packing. Although Andrea was a key player in Phillip’s Stealth R Us alliance for the favorites, the former Redemption Island castaway was voted out in a strategic blindside.

It was a strong Survivor season for Andrea who quickly followed Reynold to the jury as the numbers dwindled this week.

The following day, The Deadbolt spent a few strategic exit minutes with Andrea to get the scoop on her hidden immunity idol, her trust in both Erik and Cochran, and why the favorites were able to remain so tight for so long this season.

THE DEADBOLT: Since you didn’t play the idol last night, what were you planning to do with it? What was your strategy?

ANDREA BOEHLKE: I was planning on playing it when I was paranoid. For some reason it was the one night in my entire Survivor: Caramoan experience I didn’t feel paranoid. I was thinking, hold onto it for at least that vote and then play it later down the road when I thought things were getting a little crazier. But it was my bad.

THE DEADBOLT: Looking back now, do you think you put too much faith in Erik, or too much in Cochran? How do you see it now?

ANDREA: I guess I put too much faith in Erik and Cochran. It was funny, I was pointing to a name on the flag for at least four votes, and Erik was voting that way. So, I think it may have gotten to my head because I started to think, “Great, Erik’s on my side. He’s going to do what I ask him to do.” I should have given him more credit.

With Cochran, I’m surprised he turned on me so early. We had been working together since the beginning. But I guess when I brought up that maybe we should be taking Dawn out, that was a big mistake. So yeah, I put too much faith in them.

THE DEADBOLT: I asked Phillip this a couple of weeks ago. Why do you think the favorites’ alliance was so strong for so long?

ANDREA: You know, I think he made a group of people stick together. I think we all knew that we have to take out these guys. You’re looking at three challenge dominators, and also three very likeable people. I mean, Reynold, Malcolm, and Eddie and very likeable and they would win. I think we saw that and knew that we had to keep our alliance together and eliminate a couple of them.

What did you make of Andrea’s gameplay this season, as compared to Redemption Island?

What do you think?

Reg Seeton

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  • ChrisBaron42

    Andrea really impressed me with her play this season because she did not make any kind of impression on me during her first season, but played very well this time. Cochran outsmarted her, but he is a bona fide expert on this game so she shouldn’t feel too bad. I almost missed the show because I am traveling on business for DISH and it comes on earlier than I expected here. Fortunately I was able to stream a recording from my DVR at home to my iPad with DISH Anywhere, so I didn’t miss any of the big plays.