Survivor: Caramoan’s Reynold Toepfer, “I was ready to jump ship on all the fans”

6 years ago by Reg Seeton
Survivor fan Reynold Toepfer of the Gota tribe on n - Fans vs. Favorites - Photo: (c) 2013 CBS

Survivor fan Reynold Toepfer of the Gota tribe on n – Fans vs. Favorites – Photo: (c) 2013 CBS

This week on Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites, Reynold Toepfer of the original Gota tribe was voted off the show in the first part of a double elimination at Tribal Council.

Although Reynold was on the wrong side of the Survivor numbers game from the beginning of the season, within his own tribe and after the merge, the 30-year old real estate salesman from San Francisco became a target only a week after Malcolm Freberg left the game. A victim of the tight bond between the favorites, Reynold switched up his strategy several times to survive, outwit, and outplay not only the members of his own tribe but also those who came before him in the game.

Unfortunately, despite a strong charge to avoid the jury, Reynold saw his time on Survivor: Caramoan come to an end this week when the favorites saw him as a huge threat.

The day after leaving Survivor: Caramoan, The Deadbolt caught up with Reynold for a quick chat about his ever-changing strategy, how he survived, and why he didn’t get the fans back together to change the game.

THE DEADBOLT: How did your strategy change from when Shamar was around to the merge to when Malcolm left the game?

REYNOLD TOEPFER: The evolution of my strategy, initially – and I seemed to be one of the only people of this sentiment – was that we were fans against favorites. We were at a massive disadvantage when the most important thing for us was to win more immunities than them so we would have the majority numbers going into a swap or merge. What I found out very quickly was the fans wanted to play a much more strategic game against each other earlier than I thought.

So then my strategy became, “okay, I found an immunity idol. I just have to get to a swap or merge and I’m going to get in with the favorites.” I was ready to jump ship on all of the fans.

THE DEADBOLT: And then you found Malcolm.

REYNOLD: Luckily I was able to find Malclom and it was a perfect crease. He was a favorite that they all didn’t know before and the rest is history. I knew we didn’t have the numbers, so I was all about making a big move to get the numbers. We tried three times. We had three strikes, and three strikes you are out.

THE DEADBOLT: Since Sherri made alliances with the favorites, why didn’t you pull her aside and say, “Look, we started together. Let’s turn the tables on them.”? Was that ever a factor?

REYNOLD: Absolutely! Right after the merge I pulled Sherri aside. I told her about an idol, too. I said, “We want to work with you. Let’s get back together. Let’s get the fans back together and make a move. That’s what it’s all really about.” But she just hated Eddie and I so much from before that there was just no turning her back.

How do you feel about the way Reynold played the game for the fans this season on Survivor?

What do you think?

Reg Seeton

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  • ChrisCastoff

    Too bad he couldn’t swing Sherri over to get the fans back on track. Can’t believe Erik may take the whole thing.

  • Gina

    He’s one of the biggest aholes ever to play the game. Macho, brainless, sexist, and real dick. So arrogant. Everybody I know was cheering when he got voted off- YAY, douchebag is GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liv

      You are clueless! He’s the nicest, most whole-hearted guy on the planet. Don’t forget TV isn’t always TRUTH.