Into the Storm – Thrilling yet Silly

4 years ago by Chris

Warner Bros is known for its disaster blockbusters, particularly the films that released around the mid 1990s. Their next disaster movie lined up is about the biggest tornado ever seen and is titled Into the Storm. The movie is directed by Steven Quale and is a commendable technical achievement. However, with a no-name cast, the movie’s box office prospects are uncertain and everything will depend on how willing youngsters are to watch this unknown entity in the face of blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy and TMNT.

The movie has a threadbare plot and most of the screen time is taken up by the introduction of the characters, all of them bland and generic. The main leading character is Gary (Richard Armitage), a high school vice-principal and a single father.

Hearing about the storm a meteorological team heads for the town which includes Allison (Sarah Wayne Callies), the leader of the pack and a weather expert, and Pete (Matt Walsh), a reckless storm chaser. They are accompanied by a couple of semi-stoned daredevils who wish to go up to the storm instead of running away. Since the team carries cameras, most of the film is viewed through their lenses.

The script and story seems somewhat rudimentary and uninteresting. However, once the clouds start swirling, there are some pretty frightening and authentic moments. The movie is quite short and races along as it clocks at less than 90 minutes and there are some moments of genuine tension and suspense, particularly the scenes in which the landscapes are destroyed.

Although the actors have an easy job on their hands, they are quite appealing and likeable. But, it’s obvious nobody goes to the movies to appreciate acting talent or the script. Without a doubt, the center of attraction is the storm, as it destroys everything in its path. The fact that the director has gone with a true story makes this film all the more unattractive, as it can be seen as a blatant cash-grab by exploiting a great tragedy. Not recommended.

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