Big Brother 16 Shocking Double Eviction

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Last night on Big Brother, we saw the shocking double eviction of Jocasta and Hayden. And now it seems that all alliances in the house have gone bust.

In an interview Friday, Hayden tells Reality Wanted about his time in the house.

Reality Wanted: On a scale of 1-10, how shocked are you that you’ve been evicted?

Hayden: -7

Reality Wanted: You started The Rationale with Derrick, Cody and Nicole. Do you regret making that move?

Hayden: Absolutely. Cody and Derrick are good actors. It was a sick name too, I thought of it!

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Evicted houseguest, Jacosta, also shared her experience with Reality Wanted.

Reality Wanted: First, where do you get your bowties?!

Jocasta: I make them.

Reality Wanted: What was your strategy this season?

Jocasta: My main strategy was to be socially liked and once I was socially liked, it wouldn’t matter if I was wining or not, that that would help me. And I wanted to attach myself to a hot woman who was attached to a hot guy, and that kind of happened with Amber.

You can read the extended interview with Jocasta here

Photo courtesy of CBS

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